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I’m a little behind on book-to-screen adaptations, so I said, let’s review them all!! Thank you to Universal Pictures for partnering with me on this video! Mortal Engines is in theaters now! Time Stamps for [More]
Charlie made it through the factory but then got lost in adaptation and The Dom splits time and space in order to bring you both versions of the film. Decided to combine the episodes for [More]
Dreamcatcher is an American science-fiction horror movie based on a novel by Stephen King of the same name. The film, directed by Lawrence Kasdan and co-written by Kasdan and William Goldman, narrates the story of [More]
Here’s my film adapation of the book “Who’s afraid of Godzilla?” by Di Kaiju/Marc Cerasini and Bob Eggleton. Enjoy!
Based on the movie 1991 with Robin Williams
Movie review of the Japanese romantic drama, time travel movie, Before the Coffee Gets Cold (2019). Kazu works for family at a café. There is a belief that occupying a specific table seat at a [More]
DUNE, WITCHER, SHADOW AND BONE, WHEEL OF TIME | BOOK TO ADAPTATION | what you need to know Relevant links and time stamps: Dune 0:25 -Purchase link to book: -Dune reading vlog (and seeing [More]
Go to or text noble to 500-500 to get your free trial. How loyally did The Martian (starring Matt Damon, directed by Ridley Scott) adapt the book of the same name by Andy Weir? [More]
Our 1 Million Subscriber video! Start a 30-day trial with Audible and get your first audiobook for free by going to or texting “LFTS” to 500 500! Listen to our podcast episode where we [More]
Paula Hawkins joins us to explain how the movie adaptation of her best-selling book, The Girl on the Train, compares to the source material. Her new book, A Slow Fire Burning is available here: [More]
Spider-Man 1 Adaptation Comic UNCLE BEN’S DEATH EXPLAINED NEVER CLICK THIS LINK! Website links Merch… Today’s video we take a look and a deeper dive into the tragic death of Peter Parker’s [More]
Yikes, I was not in love with the new Netflix adaptation, “Brazen,” of the Nora Roberts book, BRAZEN VIRTUE. Let’s talk about it :/ 00:00 – Overall Review of “Brazen” 07:21 – Comparing “Brazen” to [More]
Francine Rivers’ acclaimed novel “Redeeming Love” — inspired by the biblical story in the Old Testament book of Hosea — first hit shelves three decades ago. In early January, the story will come to life [More]
Comparing The First Epic Movie to the four books it’s based on by Dav Pilkey. More Dom: Co-writer/editor: Kate Robinson: Original music by Il Neige:
The Little Prince is just a little guy Twitter: Patreon: This video contains footage for the following movie adaptations: Harry Potter (2001) Jurassic Park (1993) The Lord of the Rings (2001, 1978) Who [More]
READING DUNE 📕 AND WATCHING THE DUNE MOVIE ADAPTATION 🎥 | VLOG Purchase link to the book if you’re interested! This is an affiliate link, fyi 🙂 I’m a rep for Illumicrate! Here’s a [More]
The much loved Pointless star turned best selling author Richard Osman, joins us to talk about the follow up to his two million-copy bestselling novel ‘The Thursday Murder Club’. Diving back into the world of [More]
Forrest Gump was based on a novel by Winston Groom, but how closely did they stick to it? More Dom: Co-writer/editor: Kate Robinson: Original music by Il Neige:
Join me on a journey through the Walt Disney animated eras for a look at how well (or how poorly) Disney adapted the stories that inspired their movies. We start with the Golden Age that [More]
In which Dorin gives you her casting choices in the event of an adaptation of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern. Check out our podcasts on iTunes! OTHER ADAPTATION LINKS: WEBSITE: TWITTER: TUMBLR: [More]
Murder becomes manslaughter, mothers become evil lesbians and an abundance of Britishness becomes… well no they nailed that. The Dom reviews the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s best seller: Rebecca. Support the [More]
In this episode of Overheard, author T.C. Boyle talks about the movie adaptation of his book The Road to Wellville. —— Follow us on Twitter: Facebook: Full length episodes online:
Anime movie adaptations have been less than stellar. Alita: Battle Angel had a fantastic transfer due to the hard work of James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. Other less than stellar movies include Ghost in the [More]
There’s been lots of book adaptation news recently and I really just wanted to talk about them! What do you think about all these books becoming movies or tv shows? Have you read any of [More]
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