Gavin James – The Book Of Love (Official Video)

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Debut Album Bitter Pill Out Now:

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Writer/Director: Sam Benenati

Producer: Blake Berris, David Richardson

Director Of Photography: David Richardson

Assistant Director: Nima Shoghi


Dakota Phillips

Blake Berris

Callie Schuttera

Shondale Seymour

Jimmy Bongiovanni

Special Thanks To:

Apex Films

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Keith cook says:

I’ve been watching this video for years now. Why do I still see myself as a child?🤷‍♂️🥺

T says:

Cringe – what a "go to" song for a generic solo singer.

Jackson Carroll says:

it Maybe about a Young Boy in Love With He's Older Brothers Girlfriend.
But As We Say You Can't Force To Be in Love With Your Brother or Sisters Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Kaitlyn Butler says:

idk where everyone else heard this song but I first heard it around April 2020 in a shopping centre, it was dark and cold, every shop was shut because of covid, it was practically an empty shopping centre and this was playing super quietly in the background. Made it feel like the entire world was deserted

SpherePK PK says:

Wow comment section here is dead🥺

Jose Castro says:

Ew this version sucks. Voice way over the top

and who are you? says:

Life….. Life sent me here😞😢

우띠 says:

What a beautiful song!


You are ultra mega super.You write book of music too

Contreras Vazquez David says:

Actually, this the number one song on iTunes from Papua New Guinea :0

Camargo luis says:

📌Brasil ❤

Paul Murphy says:

Anyone else thinks this sounds like a slower version of ‘My Favourite waste of time’? Particularly on the chorus. The tempo and key are different but the melody is very similar!

orrinleo1 says:

Hi gavin James ❤️❤️❤️ i love your songs

Wayne Tomlin says:

This version of the song horrible sounds terrible

bert De Ridder says:

Beginning reminds a lot of Gorki's Mia.

Nasher1805 says:

Oh damn i remember as a teenager I've heard this the first time from scrubs.. since then I cant forget this song.. been 12 years now this is just a masterpiece

AfonsoSantos says:

No way, this video is actually a short film which I saw in film class in my first year and I was completely blown away, I had to go ask my teacher what it was called. It earned a spot in shorts of the week. Go check it out

Paul Waddington says:

What happened to the video of Gavin James singing ‘The book of love’ on top of a tower in the USA?

Deadly Night Shade says:

Rubbish compared to the previous singer Peter Gabriel

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