Full interview: Author tells Harry and Meghan’s side of the story in his new book l GMA Digital

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“Finding Freedom’s” Omid Scobie takes us inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s split from the royal family.

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v al says:

What a creep.

Maureen R. says:

Amid Scabies, You said you got to know the couple through their work what work? Seems like the only thing they do on a regular basis is take a private jet halfway around the World. I look forward to the day these grifters lose their titles and any funding from the UK taxpayers.

Judith Ray says:

Great interview. Refreshing to hear a balanced and sensitive view of Harry Meghan instead of the relentless, one sided negativity of the tabloids.

Luna Clarke says:

Some of us don't "hate" Harry and Meghan. In fact, best of luck to them in shark-infested Hollywood!
We just don't believe their little victim sob story. It's somehow always everyone else's fault for everything. "William was mean for telling his brother to take his time, Kate didn't take Meghan under her wing, they weren't supported, the press was mean, etc…"
If we're being truthful, Camilla was treated like absolute crap in the media. Especially because Diana was so well-loved, and people think Camilla (i.e: Charles' infidelity) to be at the root of Diana's misery. To this day, Camilla is not adopting the title of "Princess of Wales", because people will always consider Diana as such.
There are videos of Catherine literally being accosted by the press, and having to scramble her way into her car. London busses had big "waity Katie" banners on them. People disrespected Catherine by calling her a "breeder", for choosing to have 3 kids. I mean, it was AWFUL.
So, this notion that if you dislike this couple, you "must be racist" or this idea that Meghan was somehow the only woman who married into the BRF to endure the vile trait of the media is just absurd and untrue. Were some media outlets vile? Yes! Were there also many positive stories? Yes!

Rebecca Donovan says:

Omid is obsessed with this couple , he comes across like H & M are perfect this just makes me think it is really one sided.

linda lee says:

Markle is a Malignant Narcissist…the sooner you realise that the better…youre book was biased…..

Clair Roberts says:

Its Mr. Plastic Man who knows nothing about royal history. The book is so badly written it's an insult on the eyes…

Jalloh@16street says:

♥️♥️♥️♥️Omid. So much for speaking the truth 👏👏👏👏👏🙏♥️🥰👍

S. R. says:

Ugh. He's as plastic as she is.

Mamamiriam says:


A A says:

This was a very good interview thanks Scobie, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Martina Caroline says:

The Swedish RF is a good example to disprove all of Harry & Meghan's whining actually. Sofia got a very hard time when she joined the RF, she faced constant criticism from the press & public. She wasn't considered good enough for Carl Philip due to her past. She stuck it out & proved herself. Maybe because Sofia is smart and balanced. She has no personality problems. She loves her husband. She respects her RF. She can fit in and be a team player. She is not in love with herself and has no self adulation. Etc etc etc. In comparison, Meghan had a much easier time.
Madeleine & her husband didn't want to be full time royals so they live in the US earning their own money, except THEY weren't greedy & managed to do it without disrespecting her family. And no paparazzi follows them all the time. Maybe because they do not leak to the press. Nevertheless the difference is they seem to all be basically decent people.
Think about that Scoobie Doo before defending a person who – in my opinion – is not worth.

Carolann Gibb says:

You're a liar Scooby you never spoke to 💯 people,Since this interview you have admitted that they had a input into the book,he speaks to his father because he. Needs his money,

Carolus says:

The world and Britain need to calm down about Harry and Meghan. They are human beings and, just like you and me, will never be perfect. It's very good they left Britain. When the pandemic winds down, you will see them going back and forth between the UK and the US. They will build a life for themselves that the world will eventually accept and it will all become routine. They want to do good in the world and help people. You have to give them credit for that. They could have chosen to play polo, go on fox hunts and winter in the Bahamas. God bless them and more power to them.

tammy k says:

Lol the book lol

Maria Wynne says:

Obid’s nose should be the length of Pinnochio’s!

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