Donald Trump says Bible is his favorite book.

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Donald Trump,America’s leading Presidential candidate says that Bible is his favorite book.


bots warna says:

What a fucking disgusting idiot

Shaun Schipper says:

What a joke, he says this rather comically! Who in there right mind would believe that Trump's favorite book is the Bible?

UDHA says:

My favorite too! Love from Albania

Ash King says:

Bible is my favorite from India💖💖💖💖

Whoopity Doo says:

Can someone point me to the portion of the Bible where it talks about making hush money payments to porn stars? I also can't remember the part where it talks about conspiring with a foreign power to win an election. Can anyone help me out here?

ilj274 says:

I love Trump for this. I was just posting bible scriptures the other day <3.

Choua Kong says:

Amen! Glory Hallelujah! Well said Mr. President Trump!

Chris Trentham says:

This video should be displayed on under the word "Pandering" and the verb to "humor" someone.

Sheldon Gloger says:

"The Bible in the Science Program" is an article I wrote for Religious Education, January-February 1973, pp. 126-132 which still matters. My specialty at Hudson Valley Community College was the Human Anatomy & Physiology program for nursing and other para-medical students. ….. To my pleasant surprise, that article is on the Internet now, probably because the booklet was — and still is — the official publication of The Religious Education Association of the US and Canada and that organization has pout all of its past articles on-line.

Andrew says:

I guess if you are stupid enough to think the bible is a good book then you are also stupid enough to think Trump has ever opened one.

NYG2012 says:

Every Bullshit Detector in the world was going off all at once.

frostbite585 says:

Anyone who believes this is fucking retarded. Look at the video where they ask him about his favorite line. Fucking lemmings.

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