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Hi Everyone, Smutty xLex here!
I love reading books and recommending them to friends and family so today I am recommending you some Dark Romances. If you like authors like Skye Warren, Penelope Sky, and Victoria Quinn then you will LOVE these reads.

Please let me know which books you’ve read, or if you take my recommendation! In addition, please feel free to drop some of your own books recommendations in the comments, so I can check them out as well (:

I hope you enjoy!

Books mentioned in order:
Twist Me Trilogy
Capture Me Trilogy
Black Obsidian

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Night Core says:

Me: Have to add these immediately to my TBR
Also me: So many books still needs to be read 😭
Also my recs would be: Everything Cora Riley, Amo Jones & K Webster have 😌, The Mafia and His Angel the whole series by Lylah James, The War of Rose series by Lana Sky, Martinez Mafia Dynasty series by K.H. Kate, Lies trilogy by CoraLee June, Devil's Night series by Penelope Douglas and Sunshine & the Bullets by CoraLee June.

I'd add The Havoc Boys but honestly I only loved the first two books and I have no idea why it's going to become a series of 4 books. That's my opinion though cause I loved the first one better.

Ayisha says:

Read Tormentor mine series by Anna Zaires.
It's a dark addictive romance.
It's absolutely astounding!!!

Via Nguyen says:

Thanks for the recommendation !
So out of question but what lashes are you using?


Love both The Twist Me Trilogy & Capture Me Trilogy have you read The Tormentor Mine series? it's connected to both it's about Peter who was Julian's security guy on the compound , when Nora miscarries in Chicago the doctor that treats her Sara her husband is on Peter's list of people that killed his 1st wife & son after he kills her husband he leaves but comes back 6 months later cause Peter decides he wants Sara for himself don't want to give too much away it's a four book series #1 Tormentor Mine, #2 Obsession Mine, #3 Destiny Mine & # 4 Forever Mine , check it out love all 3 series have all the books on my bookshelf.

Ava OGYNSKI says:


Je m'appelle Ava, je suis auteure. Je me permets de vous présenter ma Saga de Dark Romance.

Faites connaissance avec Millie 👉une fille de 21 ans qui vit dans le confort complet avec Paul Reinhardt, un homme classique et ennuyeux qui a très bien réussi dans le milieu de la Finance.
Les jours se succèdent et se ressemblent… Millie trouve sa vie vide, c'est plat et nul au lit, jusqu'au jour où elle croise Kaleb Stern un très bel homme charismatique avec un passé très sombre. Kaleb est à la tête de la CFD: La Confrérie des Frères Damnés, l'organisation la plus puissante au monde.
Cet homme lui fera découvrir le plaisir des sens…🔞
Bien à vous 😊

Breana Summers says:

You should read Hayley Faiman’s “Russian Bratva” series. I think you’ll love it! Hope to see more rec videos!

Deonna Cumby says:


alexanlunar says:

Good recommendations! I was having a awful time trying to find something new to read 😊🤍

Olivia Hernandez says:

Awesome books

How Jasmi says:

Have you read any pepper winter books the pennies series is really good to me has some slow part but still a good read

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