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Here are some Dark Romance Book Recommendations! Dark romance is one of my favorites, if not my favorite romance sub-genre. I love the intensity, the way that it’s so disturbing, and just everything else that comes along with it. I had a hard time compiling a list because a lot of books I thought of as dark romance books, I’ve already talked about in other recommendation videos like enemies to lovers, and taboo. But, I wanted to still make this with some other dark romances recommendations. There are some mafia romance books, arrange marriage romance books, and so much more!

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☆ Too Late: https://amzn.to/3etyxTx
☆ Raze: https://amzn.to/3asrQQy
☆ These Monstrous Ties: https://amzn.to/2Qm0rcl
☆ Enthralled: https://amzn.to/3vlJdKH
☆ Bound by Honor: https://amzn.to/3vdcjMB

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Catherina Raymond says:

I think this may be my genre 😈😈😈 thank you! Learning a lot about the different romance genres!

Lucy Wagonhunter says:

Thx for the recs 💜💜

Bushra Issa says:

Hey 👋
I know it's been 4 months for this video, but I hope you'll read my comment!!! It's regarding Giana Darling, I read one book by her Welcome To The Dark Side, I hated her writing style, I also found it not emotional and decided against reading anymore books by her. Are all her books have the same style and slang accent that need efforts to understand it.
I wish to read this book you recommended! Kindly tell me, please.

Cha Javier says:

4:10 actual recommendations start. You're welcome

Yediyahu Synagogue says:

No ever does "Corrupt Officer's Guide to Love". I never even thought about reading a romance. This book was so good that's all I read now. It was amazing

June Elstad says:

I would really recommend Haunting Adeline, Sick Fux (and most books of tillie cole), the mindfuck series and skeleton king. These are all very dark so check TW

dins dins says:

thank you for the recs.. definitely gonna read Too Late, Enthralled and Bound by Honor❤❤


I don't know if you have read any of Pepper winters books if not please do . They are one of my favourite dark romance book especially debt series.

Clara Ferreira says:

These monstrous ties comment: Lilith is pronounced Li (first syllabus of lily) lith. It’s a reference to lucifers first demon with the same name 🙂

Julia Olson says:

Just a heads up people skip to four minutes and eight seconds to get to the actual book rec 😳

Katie Bishop says:

I just finished 'Kept by Monsters' by Cait Cro. I highly recommend it. Very quick, fun read.

HakunaMatata says:

Try out Mia Knight if you haven’t yet. I love all of her books.

Janella Tanco says:

Made Series by Danielle Lori is a Dark Mafia Romance. It’s reaaaaaally good

krista wenturine says:

I need your hoodie!! I love it. Also love the book recs. I’m going to buy them all now!

Caitlin Nichols says:

Hello! My friend has watched you for awhile and she said I had to come check you out, so here I am! You've got some great book recs! I'll have to check them out. If you take recommendations yourself, Deadlocked Desires by Ash Johnson is awesome. Paranormal romance, funny and the plot is gripping too. Its cool if thats not your thing, happy reading and keep doing a great job!

Lizrwriter says:

You should read Baye Hartshorne's Ghosted The Treason House Trilogy Book 1

Sira Barbeito says:

y'all HAVE to read Beast and Monster by Sam Leon

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