Children of the night… | Dracula

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Some of my favourite Dracula quotes.
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arul nidhi says:

This is cool ! Loved it ♥️

Tanja says:

oh I love this! Such a cool video!

Mortisha Cassavetes says:

Love the vid! I just finished Dracula and I have to say it was totally different reading it as an older adult than when I was in college. I believe one of my favorite quotes from the book is "You go wake those maids. Flick them in the face with a wet towel, and flick them hard. Make them get heat and fire and a warm bath." LOL! That cracked me up! Also I just love English (UK) classics because everything can be cured with a bit of Brandy LOL! I even bought some Ararat Brandy because it was Agatha Christie's favorite. LOL! I just wish it would of helped my flu I have now LOL!

Savvy Reads says:

I can definitely tell you have a history in theatre; this is amazing!

Debbie Hines says:

That was creepy. Congratulations.

Not Usaji says:

This is so beautiful and artistic!!! 10/10

cryingaboutbooks says:


W. A. says:

Oh wow ! Very Artistic Hannah…..great video.

life in a shell says:

GIVE ME MOREEEE! I absolutely loved this and you are exquisitely good at it. I love Dracula must have read it soooo many times by now. Excellent

Mikayla K. B. says:

This is such a cool video! The shots were beautiful!!

moppleinga says:

Loved this!!xxx and i love dracula, might re read for your book club!

Jules Pinales says:

Lol love it !!! Fave part is when you bite dom or don ? Sorry

BeingQueen24/7 says:

I love it!! Can you do more book trailer videos like this?

Graham Sillars Reads Books says:

WOW! What a brilliant video. 😍😍😍

LionHeart32 says:

Read the whole thing

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