Books With perfect combo of Suspense , Mystery and Thriller I Easy To Read Books

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I love these thriller, suspense and crime books. Hope you guys also love these books.The books that i have talked about in this videos are:
1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
2. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
3. The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon
4. The Testament by John Grisham
5. Memories Of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon

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Ronggon Talukder says:

Thanks brother…

Girja Rawat says:

Idiot don't give spoiler


I am pratik, i browsed your channel great work keep it up.

Actually i am trying to make a habit of reading,  even i tried hard also for it but every thing goes in vain. I am kind of person who really feel boring while reading books.

Please help me out with this issue i search a lot but the think i understood is may be it because i am not getting books in which i am having interest, please give me some tips if you have any thing to help me out with this.

Also please suggest me some good 

Sci-Fi or mystery books in hindi (preferably) or simple english.

I had tried to contacts with around six to seven youtubers but didnt recieved any response from them.

Hope you will help me out.

Thankyou in advance.

Kries Doerbalie says:

hey how can i contact you i need a help maybe you can help me

Sourabh Thakre says:

you should also read 1- the best laid plans

Ayesha H says:

this book review was really well done. keep posting more videos 🙂

Madhu krishnamoorthy says:

I have read all. except The Testament..!

julian correa says:

spoiler alert !

Vikas Jha says:

link for these books
gone girl –
and then there were none by Agatha christie –
the nacked face by shidney sheldom –

Vivek Rajiv says:

review some Indian books

Roshan Chawla says:

beware don't get to the spoilers. otherwise a good review honestly.

Indian Booktuber says:

Nice Video.

s j says:

doing great! 🙂 will look forward to your videos 😀

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