Book V Movie TOP 10 CHANGES Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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Top 10 differences between the 2016 live action movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children directed by Tim Burton the Young Adult novel it was adapted from written by Ransom Riggs. [OPEN ME]

My book review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Albertxstillchill Uwu says:

Am I the only one who ships Enoch and Horace?😂

ken john says:

it is worst adaptation ever

John Webb says:

I loved Jacob and Emma's relationship in the book😤

Captain Potatord says:

I don't see the twins in ( I mean READ ) the book

Lily says:

Emma was way more interesting in the book in my opinion

Initials M.A says:

Where the hell are the twins they were in the movie a lot but in the book they were only in the first 100 pages then they disappear they don’t come back in hollow city or library or souls like where the hell are they

PeepingKat says:

bro straight up every time i even THINK about this movie I want to cry I hate the changes so much omg. my favourite thing in the books was jacob and emma's relationship like.. i🥺
also I don't even see the point for the peculiarity swap? emma's personality was absolutely perfect for the fire powers and she was so awesome. Thank you for listening to my ted talk 😭

electronicfox says:

Yeah I just finished the first book. Audio admittedly but I got it all done within 30 hours and I really loved it. Gonna start the next book now. And yeah I prefer the relationship Jakob has with his father in the book

Luna La Lua says:

As weird as it sounds, I loved both the books and the movie.

Carrie Fyler says:

I really hated the direction that Tim Burton took this film. The Emma and Olive switch really bothered me! Emma's peculiarity showed her fiery personality which I loved in the book. I hate that they switched Ricky – Jacob's one and only friend – out for Shelley. I don't like how they switched Olive's age. In the book she's just a young girl, and in the movie she's in her teens. I don't like how they left out Millard getting shot. (not that I wanted that to happen… I cried, lol) They changed Dr. Golan's gender, Miss Peregrine getting stuck as a bird, Hugh and Fiona's relationship?!

organic Bunny June says:

So you definitely think there will not be a sequel to hollow City because I have just bought Hollow City and the book that follows and all the changes are starting to annoy me and I'm wondering if I wait or if I should just continue on and don't even worry about the sequels in movie

정은 says:

Jacob its Jake

Carlos Gonzalez says:

They messed up a great opportunity for such a great trilogy movie all the details in the book especially how miss peregrine and the main villain are siblings that part I was like WTF!!!!!!!!!! THE BOOK IS WAYYYYYY BETTER PEOPLE NOT EVEN CLOSE COMPSRISION

Valkyr_E says:

I got really upset when Horace complimented Jacob’s shirt instead of roasting him. I was looking forward to my sassy boy, not going to lie.

Bookish Writer says:

I found that final fight ridiculous in the movies. Mainly because the movie didn't manage to make me fear that villain I forgot the name of. Him constantly making jokes wasn't helpful in that matter.

knight daemon says:

I am mad at the movie. Period! The story could have been a Harry Potter-like movie. 3 books in 1movie. Also, disappointed for not seeing the peculiar animals and the library…

The Gacha Fox says:

What about the twins, they aren’t really in the book besides their photo

Stuart Brookes says:

I was shouting out loud when watching the movie

Ariana Gerard says:

I was so upset about the Emma and Olive switch

A random User says:

My mind broke when olive was a teeneger and is called emma. And emma is olive

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