Book Review- "Raja Yoga" of Swami Vivekananda (Part 1)

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Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest saint ever lived in India. He taught spirituality scientifically with reference to the religious texts.
‘Raja-Yoga, Conquering the internal nature’ is one among the four other yogas, it teaches several steps and practices to attain liberation which is the enternal truth.

Part 2


S B Gohil says:

hindi book?? available?

Nancy Srivastava says:

Sir pls make the 2nd part and more…

Avi Mehenwal says:

Hey is there a second part?

DELL PC says:

sir please make more videos on this topic.

Himanshu Bansal says:

bro plz share pdf link

UnExpectedly Beautiful says:

Nice explanation..where is the 2nd part

Ankur Tandon says:

Kangana Ranaut mam talked about this book just 1 day back

abhay sirohi says:

great video sir

Songs Of Light says:

Just ordered this book.

Mohit Garg says:

bhai part 2 banao we are keen to listen to it

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