Book Review: Pen & Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide by Alphonso Dunn

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Alphonso Dunn teaches primarily pen and ink techniques on his Youtube channel. Visit his channel at

Text review:

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Sunny Coloring says:

Thanks a lot!

un kind says:

No can explain better than him. Love that guy

learn english & science with simple methods says:

Its very expensive

- موسيقى غريبة - strange music says:

any body have that E-BOOK version ??

Señorita Batanero says:

is this book better than "rendering in pen and ink" (Arthur Guptill) ??

Hector dehesa says:

Just got mine for christmas! Can’t wait to get it cracking!

Clemente Pascale says:

You should review his new book! 🙂

z4k says:

This was the first pen & ink book that I bought. As you say, Teoh, I don't think it's good for early beginners. Many of the example sketches in the book are quite advanced. Personally, I think the looser style urban sketching approach that you present in your tutorials is a better way to go for beginners… not being so concerned with achieving the perfect rendering of a scene. If I was asked to suggest a book, it would be another that you have reviewed, "Dare to Sketch" by Felix Scheinberger.

Jamie Campbell says:

This is the best art book I have in my collection. Alphonso Dunn's approach includes so many factors not covered in most other places, yet keeps it all so accessible. It's a very intelligent approach. I love this book and his teaching.

ilydd dadk says:

do you have the ebook version ?? plz

Dessa Bailey says:

I follow Alphonso Dunn and purchased his book a few weeks ago. I quite enjoyed that it was such a large book written with such simple text and lots of white space. It left me feeling that my brain had time to comprehend what he was trying to explain even though some of it was short and sweet. It will be a very treasured book for me because I have watched Alphonso grow and become such a wonderful young man. I am excited to see both of you doing well:-) Thank you so much for all of your work!

Ed says:

Like his videos so much doing basic pen exercises, Just bought the book today on amazon

Teresa Ling says:

Thank you Teoh. I subscribed to Alfon's channel too and was contemplating if I should buy this book. After watching this video I decided not to. I enjoy his video tutorials immensely; his personality and the way he brings his points across are very effective and inspiring. I'd sometimes pause the videos to note down the things he says. I may be wrong but I think this is what the book's missing. Like you, he's very generous in sharing his experience and knowledge to help others. I have great respect for artists like that.

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