Book Club October 2016: A Discovery of Witches!

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Join us the last Thursday of the month @ 6 PM EST/9 PM EST to discuss our monthly read!

2016 Book Club Reading List –

Happy Halloween Book Chatters!

It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit, let’s don our witch hats and chat A Discovery of Witches!

{Discussion Questions}

Icebreaker – Early in the novel, Harkness describes the typical personalities and physical traits of daemons, witches, and vampires. If you could be any one of these beings, which would you choose and why?

1. How many stars? What was your experience reading A Discovery of Witches?

2. What was your favorite quote, character, scene or literary device?

3. In chapter 31, Diana remembers the bedtime story her mother told her as a child. In what ways does that story foreshadow the events of Diana’s life?

4. Diana and Matthew travel back to the sixteenth century. If you had the power to time walk, as she does, what period in history would you visit?

5. Look at the last page of the book. What is the significance of the blood and mercury? What is the reason behind the sense of relief felt in the house? What does the last sentence of the book mean?

6. If you loved A Discovery of Witches, you’ll also enjoy _____.

Can’t wait to see you soon!

♥ The Witching Hour by Anne Rice –
♥ The Witches: Suspicion, Betrayal, and Hysteria in 1692 Salem –
♥ The Queen of the Tearling –

{Monthly Book Club Reads}
♥ November’s Read – Go Set A Watchman/To Kill A Mockingbird –

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{What Am I Wearing?}
♥ Glasses: Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer –
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♥ G L A M S H O P:
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Diane T says:

whatever happened to new videos? I am really disappointed especially since you keep on saying you are going to but never do! I miss them!

MissAquaGamer says:

This is on my list of books to read.

Chelsea Lee says:

Hi Ladies, you NEED to read "Girl Code" by Cara Leyba, it is a life changing woman empowerment book!!!!!!

Deborah Rodriguez says:

I don't want to add pressure to your busy schedule but are you doing a house tour, I've been waiting for so long to view it. You keep saying soon but it never seems to arrive and that's why I'm asking. Would you mind answering my question?

Xenia Lovespink says:

It's a shame about the audio because I really wanted share this video with Miss Harkness. She would have loved to hear what you all had to say about ADOW.

Robin Wagganer says:

Because of the strange audio issue, can you tell us which day will be the live broadcast for November? I'm expecting all of us to be too full for the last Thursday 🙂

Deborah Byrne Psychology Services says:

Pity about the audio but I loved reading this saga couldn't get enough

Courtney Perez says:

No audio, and I was looking forward to this one too. Bummer. 😞

NellLynn says:

Bummer no sound 😞

Tracy Maliva says:

Ok I thought it was my computer but yeah no sound.

Caitlin Holladay says:

No audio bummer!!

Mamey's Medley says:

Oh dear, I was hoping after last night it would be on here correctly. No such luck…Very choppy and the sound is off…

Amanda S says:

Glad I'm not the only one that can't hear

Lynecia Osei - Burgess says:

Aww, no audio

J M says:

😢 doesn't stream properly and no sound

J M says:

I Looooove the All Souls Trilogy… actually started rereading DOW this month.

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