Big Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Haul | Spring 2019

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Here are all the books that I recently bought and/or acquired!

Disclaimer – I received the thriller books unsolicited from Simon & Schuster Canada.

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Read and Find Out says:

I still need to read Ancillary Justice, and I have a feeling it will really work for me. I love the idea of an AI ship! I bought Baru Cormorant semi recently, and am curious about what I'll think of it! An accountant taking revenge from the inside sounds perfect honestly.

MelnotBelle says:

It's weird seeing a French author (Patrick Senecal) have an English adaptation. I've read this in French years ago. He is my favourite French author.

Bing Bang says:

Hello!! Do you also make fiction movies ?:D There is a short film i would love to share with you 🎬; you could look for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube or maybe send me a message to give you the link, thanks a lot !!

NicoleMarie says:

I think Looker sounds the most interesting. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Jo in Bookland says:

I'd be really curious to know your thoughts on Seven Days. As far as I know that's the only one of his novels translated to English (from French). I've heard great things from this Québec author. I tried Aliss by him, a dark reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, which I didn't care for unfortunately. I do want to give him another shot though so will look forward to your review 🙂

Hopseflops says:

I NEED Looker! But I have to waith 'till my library (maybe) buy's a copy. Have no patients to wait on a Dutch translation.

abookishbutterfly says:

I'm really interested in your thoughts on Looker. It sounds so good but has such low ratings on Goodreads. 🙁

Brain FromArous says:

Oh, subscribed.

Brain FromArous says:

Greetings from the fans of SFF180. TMW sent me here. Huzzah, etc,

Carisa Books says:

Oooo Seven Days sounds good. I would love to hear what you think about that one!:) I have I am legend but have no read it yet, I’m excited to get to it. Nice haul:)

Tori Morrow says:

Great haul! Also glad I’ve found your channel 😃

Gabi X says:

I am Legend is great. Way better than the movie. I have a mass market paperback, but a hardcover it's going to be released in October.
Definitely gonna get that one.
Interesting titles here.

Catherine Bergeron says:

Patrick Sénécal !!! You should pick it first. It was a great book. I read it and i have seen the movie… both really great.

Sénecal is a french canadien autor and he's huge here.
I hope you like it. Let me know please.
Also Aliss was by far my favorite. A revisitation of alice and the wonderland.

Carla's Book Bits says:

I don't think I've said this before, but I like that about half the books you haul in these videos are ones that you've already read, Rachel. I love hearing your thoughts about these books as you haul them. Also, that package from Simon & Schuster is beautiful, they're so awesome! Her One Mistake sounds right up my alley, I'd love to know your thoughts!

Jennifer Johnson says:

I literally just got home from the library and checked out Looker. Then I watched this video! So I naturally want to see what you think of it too. 😉

Jamie Reads says:

Such a great haul!

Jesse Caballero says:

I defiently wanna see a review of the mars book or seven days first!

Enigma's Books N More says:

Great video

There Are Books says:

Excellent book haul!!!!

Crystal Laing says:

did you get a new camera? picture looks really good. I also just changed my resolution though…. lol. I am Legend is one of those books I've been meaning to pick up. I just saw on Goodreads that its a relatively short read, too. I love Game of Thrones. I've read all the books except Dance of Dragons. I've been getting spoiled on Twitter for the show, but its more like confirming suspicions I already had. At this point it kinda seems like it would be following a predictable path, so I haven't had much drive to read the rest available. I've seen the Looker in Shoppers…. I work there so I see it like everyday and I keep humming and hawing about it.

monilily says:

I definitely have that Mars book on my radar and am hoping to pick it up sometime this year. So glad you enjoyed the island book as it also has been on my radar. I'm unsure whether I should pick up I Am Legend. I always trust your reviews but I am not much of zombie fan and I did not particularly enjoy Hell House by him. What do you think?

Vanessa N says:

I love On the Island! The audiobook is great too.

Adam Brickley says:

I'm really interested in your thoughts on Baru Cormorant – I think you'll really like that one.

Well Read and Half Dead says:

I've been wanting to read I Am Legend since the movie came out but I just never got to it. That's amazing that you were able to get it for a dollar! The cover for The Looker is really cool.

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