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My picks for the most important fantasy books for the decade. Not the ones I enjoyed the most, but the ones that I feel had the largest impact on the fantasy genre, or are indicative of where the genre is headed!
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Daniel Greene says:

I meant Republic of Thieves, not Lies of Locke Lamora. Damn it!


A Dance with Dragons is not the only book of A Song of ice and fire that been released in this decade , there’s also Fire and Blood released in 2018 and it’s an amazing book

JTninja Man says:

I just wanted 700 comments

Duke Nukem says:

Please stay on YouTube forever, I love you and your opinion and your content and your personality and just absolutely everything about you. Plus, your content is not only very entertaining but also incredibly valuable. How do you not have millions of subs? Literally my first impression when I came across you on here was “Damn this guy must be popular”.

Nick Murphy says:

Idk what fan would say ADWD doesn't belong here for such a petulant reason lol

I've heard attempts at pseudo-discerning hot takes from hardcore try hards, but not that. Man, fantasy fans…well nerds in general, are a really rough crowd. And I say that as a descriptor, I am also a nerd.

Zuber Mesfin says:

Great list!

Jack Harrison says:

God. Dang. I love me some Daniel Greene. You deserve all of the respect and praise you’ve been getting. You’ve introduced me to SO many good books and as someone who doesn’t have any friends who read, you’ve really become something like a friend. Someone to talk to about the things I love. Thanks!

Steve Wambach says:

No offense but why is the Throne of Glass series on here….. it was a amazing series

Justin Johnston says:

The Faithful & The Fallen series is AMAZING!

I added a few book from this mist.
Thank you!

mrgodliak says:

Am I gonna be that guy to say the decade is technically 2011-2020? Yes, yes I am. We didn't start at the year 0, we started with 1.

strangementalitypaper says:

I just started The Eye of The World. I'm so excited!

Luke says:

Lol daniel I love how you call grimdark a fad then say its not a fad and make fun of the fact that you called it a fad and then call it a fad again at the end😂

Andrew 555 says:

Prince of Thorns is AMAZING. Thanks for including it Danny.

joy clendening says:

I have all of these on my TBR or have already read them. The one I think should have been here was Rage of Dragons…just phenomenal.

Al the CHICKEN says:

yOUre foRgEttIng TolKieN

dj pagla says:

I agree so much about having a non miedieval european setting

C C says:

Me watching this in 2020… did he just predict the apocalypse

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