An Interview with Steven Erikson | Author of Malazan Book of the Fallen

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Jan Evets Mah says:

I read fast for entertainment but I would probably not reread this had I not stumble on this video. At first I kept notes but things got going and I just wanted to enjoy another chapter then another chapter. Writers can be assholes, anybody can be, but S.E. is a great writer with an awesome story to tell and I could listen to him for some time-writers like him are gems.

Jan Evets Mah says:

Steven Erikson: The attaniment of power is regardless of gender(paraphrasing here)
From chapter 1 of Gardens of the Moon, I had this impression. loving this for many reasons

Karen O connor says:

Steven is the best fantasy writer I've ever read! Only part 3 of the kharkanas trilogy to read now, erikson is EPIC

Meith Storm says:

Nobody cares or sympathizes about Felisin, because you utterly failed to deliver when it came to her demise. It would have been just as memorable if you had written "and a tree suddenly fell on her and she was dead. Bad luck bitches." People remember the endgame and that memory fades the moments of the journey there. I really hope that somebody else would have written these books as the world is fantastic.

Maester Gryphon says:

I liked that "hot take" on batman dkr, s a v e the 1% yall! And yea The boys is a great show

Joe's Review Journal says:

This was awesome. I’m starting this in January and it’s nice to have some backstory from the author himself. Awesome job.

Meith Storm says:

So much potential and so lazy ending results. His books are basically the Game of the Thrones TV-show of literacy. The difference is that Erikson is very proud of his Season 8, because he wants to be so special. Disappointing.

Tanner Hebert says:

What's the podcast mention at 16:00? Couldn't catch it. Ten berry?

Peter Klenner says:

Kudos to Steven Erikson for creating all these memorable stories and characters. Floating mountains, knife fights, irritating funny dialog, levitating assassins, nuclear level magic, and there is always the next badass around the corner. Guess it's time to visit Malazan again. Thanks for this awesome chat!

Krazy Lobster says:

The problem with Steven's work is that it kinda ruins everything else for you afterwards, because nothing comes even close.

covkepacov says:

I love how he cant remember Bairoth Gilds name.

Jex Revan says:

Giiiirl I just watched his interview with Daniel Greene this morning! You’re going places.

Peter G says:

Minor spoiler warning for anyone that hasn't finished reading Deadhouse Gates or Memories of Ice, at 15:2015:40.

Keir Scott-Schrueder says:

I've just started the series and have reread chapters as I go. The process of reading the book is more like studying it intensively than consuming it.

Ken Smith says:

Easily my favorite book series and this is my first time on her channel. I would like to say really good interview and hot damn! She is gorgeous!!

Diego Rapini says:

Steven Erickson, you changed my life. I'm 14 and I'm reading the series for the second time. I also wanted to tell that Toll the Hounds is my favourite novel too.

Zack Didur says:

As an Archeologist in Manitoba…
As a Manitoban that does sound like the most dull thing in the world.

badlandskid says:

When I started reading this series it really reminded me of reading the Dune saga for the first time. I kept thinking wth is happening here? It really piqued my curiosity. 👍🏼

Stevo Lution says:

Same first name, Lief Ericson landed, and Really from Brittany here guess I should wat

ForgerON le tacite says:

This man is amazing, thank you!

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