Alien 3 by Pat Cadigan – Book Review

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William Gibson’s Alien 3 has seen a new adaptation in Pat Cadigan’s novel. This time around, the earlier 1st draft has been adapted with plenty of surprises for those familiar with the Dark Horse comic and Audible audio drama. This is a fairly spoiler-free review.


ELLEN RIPLEY TIER OF EXCELLENCE: Lady Anne ^^ö^^(Jessica M Kandal, PhD)
QUEENS: Alyssane, Grizz4756
WARRIORS: Kurt Venetis, Blockerman
DRONES: KuroNyra, Grace Ryder, Matthew Coleman, Yunners, Waya525

CHESTBURSTERS: Anne Mac, James Aponte, Rafael Aguila, Oliver, Stewart Crichton, Matt Bro, BWXenogears, Thomas Watvedt, Gregor Mundell. John C Jones, Sean Arme, Thomas J Gettings, Commodore Erickson, Tariq_RUH, Arkuras, Ambrosia. Project Acheron, Robert Johnson, Axel R. Garcia, Adam LaZerte, David Hokanson, Mark Lennon


A N D R E W Resurrection says:

All along I always thought the Gibson script was the superior version. Hicks in the lead is truly what makes me love this story. It answers how the egg got on board. It gives Newt a well deserved and respectful exit. It gives Ripley a long awaited backseat but important role nonetheless and focuses on new expansion with the new variant of the Alien creature which is very unique and mysterious.

cancel me says:

Alien 3 for me is alien earth war. That's a perfect sequel.

WooZIE997 says:

Yeah this movie would have been fucking amazing

Danny Dan says:

What would alien 3 made awesome my version: all 3 survive the landing ripley has the queen in her newt dies half way for shock value ripley dies as she did hicks survives now that would have made an alien 3 bigger than most sagas

L Taku says:

The original idea for the third installment was meant to be a two-parter, but they just never got to it.

Their were other screen plays made after Gibson but before Giler and Hill.

Red’s script was a bat-shit crazy-ass shoot-em-up and I loved it. Ward’s script was interesting with its unique concept of a monastery satellite in Space (Gibson actually liked Ward’s idea more then his own). Twohy’s was probably the most forgettable of them, taking place in a prison satellite.

There’s also the original comic book sequel to Aliens by Verheiden, which centered on Hicks and Newt ten years after Aliens.

Adapting Verheiden’s story into a movie or audio drama probably make the most sense.

Jamal Hasidic Homeboy Ginsburg says:

I was thinking about Aliens the other day, as one does and we know that Aliens can breathe without oxygen as seen outside of the Sevastopol station, they can survive molten lead. So it’s fair assume that the Alien from the Nostromo and the queen from Aliens are still floating around in space or maybe got pulled onto a new planet, survived the reentry of said planet/moon and have set up home on a new world. Maybe they passed each other floating in space and the queen said to the Nostromo drone ‘not you as well?’ 😂😂😂

ZADKIEL242 says:

Alien 3 was the first movie to ruin the franchise.

FreakyZed says:

What's up with all these ships just drifting around? Ripley's escape shuttle wasn't programmed to head for an inhabited planet? The Sulaco, a military ship, just drifts into a system that belongs to someone not aligned with Earth?

Michael Rabone says:

Would love to give all the original Alien 3 film footage back to David Fincher and have him finish the movie as he originally intended using todays modern CGI effects.

Farseer Animation says:

For me Alien is always first and foremost a tale of the unknown. As we get further and further into revisiting and celebrating the series' apex, Aliens in an effort to improve the relatively disappointing Alien 3 the more we diminish the overall theme of the story. The Alien is terrifying because we don't know if it was the cargo of the derelict for research or warfare, an unwanted guest, or something stranger and darker. While well crafted these explorations into the lore of the creatures ultimately undercut the horror as the creature becomes more and more of a simple horror movie monster. Even giving it a name, Xenomorph, diminishes it in a way. I always enjoyed that line in Aliens because it's clear that Gorman is just making up an explanation in order to look good in front of the marines and the new sassy cat lady. Prometheus definitely had the right idea in my opinion, not in its rather lackluster execution but in its concept. Explore unanswerable questions in disconnected narratives with themes of corruption, zealotry, misplaced empathy, and psychopathy. After all, the Xenomorph is not the monster of the Alien series. It's the world itself.

danny white says:

We're on xpress elevator 2 Alien T. goin down …

Gary Keyes says:

I'd love to see an animated version of the graphic novel Alien III–not an adaption of the theatrical version to be clear. Or an animated version of Pat's new version. Sadly, I think this franchise is dead. Scott's last two pictures have put the last nails into its coffin imo.

Richard Faile says:

I remember watching the original Alien as a child, scared the hell out of me. Aliens not so much. Alien 3 scared me as well. I suppose the whole "our only option is to run" scenario for the first and third made them more frightening then the guns blazing second film, which I enjoyed as well. Now I plan to buy all the films and share them with my kids, who oddly love playing Aliens Fireteam Elite with me yet have no idea what their based upon. That being said I thoroughly enjoy your content. Just the way you detail and lay things out has me craving more, even aspects such as books and comics. Keep up the good work!

Alexander Nichols says:

This would be great in a “What-IF” style animation.

Mo Tee says:

I thought it was pretty dissapointing. It just ended abruptly.

Roj Blake says:

I always wanted to see the Vincent Ward version of Alien 3. A gothic horror with monks and a wooden lined station would have been wonderful if done properly. Naturally studio meddling made sure this never happened.

lavitzbass6666 says:

read this novel in high-school , was realy good , did my report on it on a different story between movie and book
well it was the novelization

Jamal Hasidic Homeboy Ginsburg says:

They’ve announced Alien isolation 2. AI was a master piece. Apparently Creative Assembly aren’t making it this time. I hope the new makers keep everything that was special about AI.

George Houliaras says:

I prefer the Aliens as natural lifeforms since in the Expanded Universe, they even have their own homeworld. I wish there was an AvP game where humans and predators team up just like the comics, maybe we could even see the Queen Mother as a final boss. I miss the AvP games.

simply john says:

Always a treat

chris hill says:

I have a copy of that screenplay and i welcome the book. The screenplay was very good.

Ronald H says:

God I love this channel. Wish they're were enough content for daily uploads but I'll take what I can get 😁👌.

Candybars says:

I found the Gibson script to be interesting, but not noticeably better than the screenplay we got. Newt and Ripley may as well not be in the adaptation for as little as they had to do with the plot. I listened to the audio drama and found that Biehn was unable to bring any of Hicks vitality back to the role (understandable, that was 35 years ago)…. it just felt like fanservice, and not especially well delivered fanservice at that. The new alien was interesting, and her birth suitably unsettling (the stutter just before the transformation really unnerved me, lol), I just wish the "old" elements of the story played better with the new… and I would have loved Ripley to have a bigger part. It seemed weird to have her in the story and yet not be a main player.

Minicle says:

5:11 Glad I wasn't the only one bothered by this. Kept on taking me out of the story with that wink-wink nudge-nudge manner I never cared for.

James the cat says:

I'd love to see video a looking at the artwork

Rizzo 1812 says:

That art is terrible but thats pretty standard for mainstream comics these days .

ZygmaExperiment says:

UPP were also adversaries in the excellent Aliens: Infestation by WayForward on the Nintendo DS.

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