Adult Horror & Science Fiction Book Haul | December 2019

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Booktubers Mentioned:

Cameron Chaney

Justine @ I Should Read That

Book Haul:

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky
Video Review:

Ghoster by Jason Arnopp
Video Review:

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

The Pale White by Chad Lutzke (review copy)
Video Review:

Autumncrow by Cameron Chaney
Video Review:

Blood Sugar by Daniel Kraus (night worms package)

Hex Life: Wicked New Tales of Witchery edit by Christopher Golden & Rachel Autumn Deering (night worms package)

Stallo (Susso #1) by Stefan Spjut (review copy)

Trolls (Susso #2) by Stefan Spjut (review copy)

Vampires of Lore: Traits and Modern Misconceptions by A.P. Sylvia (review copy)

Under the Skin by Michel Faber
Video Review:

The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

The Wrong Stars (Axiom #1) by Tim Pratt

The Dreaming Stars (Axiom #2) by Tim Pratt

The Forbidden Stars (Axiom #3) by Tim Pratt (review copy)

Axiom Series Review:

The Outside by Ada Hoffmann (review copy)

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

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MARLON M says:

Have you read Stallo (Shapeshifters) from Spjut? I am really interested in your opinion

krakentoagoodbook says:

Time to catch up on your videos! I did see Barnes and Noble/Amazon has both Imaginary Friend and Ghoster for half off. I'm tempted lol. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing your thoughts on House of Leaves! I still need to pick up Hex Life – I think being a huge fan of urban fantasy, I'll enjoy a lot of the stories (and there's a lot of authors I enjoy). Ooh, Stallo and Trolls sound interesting! Vampires of Lore sounds and looks so cool! I really want to read the Axiom series. It sounds so fun! Children of Time was one I liked much more than anticipated (mostly because of the spiders lol).

Kasha's Book Sematary says:

I am exited to check out Imaginary Friend since it has received many mixed reviews and I want to know how it is 🙈So many great titles! and also so many nice editions!

Snow Cone72 says:

I challenge for u to read anything by John everson. Bet u can't finish one of his books. U can't handle it.

Snow Cone72 says:

Clive cussler.

Snow Cone72 says:

Hope this helps. I have alot more. Phillip Cairo not horror but great book. Robert denies fav. Author. Lincoln child and Douglas Preston not horror but great.

Snow Cone72 says:

Wraith James white,Bryan smith,brian keene,edward lee,jack ketchum ect.

Snow Cone72 says:

Can't take vampires or zombie or apocalyptic end of the world played out books.

Snow Cone72 says:

Richard laymon u gotta read.

Snow Cone72 says:

The horror author's from Europe are the best.

Snow Cone72 says:

Most of them sound good.

Snow Cone72 says:

Can u do any reviews on anyone mountford books please.

Rafael Montes says:

Just heard you discussing the Chbosky book on the Books in the Freezer podcast and you suggest that the last 100 pages are sub-par because what he is doing is epic horror and the narrative lines are difficult to shore up in that sub genre. Do you think anybody working today is doing epic horror exceptionally well. I mean “Swan Song” well if one considers McCammon the high bar set long ago. By the way, I hope I am not annoying you with these questions and comments. I frankly, of all the book tubers I have come across (over 30 different channels) yours is kind of the ONLY opinion I have faith in. You are wonderfully astute and level headed and have a keen eye for the good text.

Erin Armstrong says:

OMG…I have had House of Leaves on my shelf for a long time and am completely intimidated by it.  I have been told that a buddy read is the way to go, so I am open to that!

Rafael Montes says:

Just finished Mind of Winter and I have been crying for 25 minutes straight. What an ending. What an absolute soul kick. Thanks for this gift.

Lisa G says:

Your pronunciation of Spjut made me laugh, but it’s not easy to explain the correct way to say it either 😆 Spew-t, maybe ☺️ I loved Imaginary Friend, if you want to revisit it I highly recommend the audio book read by Christine Lakin. I’m going to dive into House Of Leaves after the holidays!

William Stewart says:

Children of Time is really good Under The Skin is also very good and theres a movie of it (The cover is a still from the movie)

david larramore says:

An anthology that I loved/liked every story, Stephen King's Night Shift. Tremendous.

Geraldine Reads says:

I hope we both end up liking the House of Leaves! OMG I have The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber on my shelf too! I've had it for a few years and just haven't gotten around to it. We should totally buddy read it in 2020!

The Reading Writing Puppet says:

The Outside sounds interesting… I love aliens 👽 😊

Jason’s Weird Reads says:

Ooooh, the Vampires of Lore looks absolutely beautiful! Stalls and it’s sequel look great too. I really want to read Children of Time as well. I’ve heard that it has that that mind blowing big idea factor to it that I love in science fiction. So my vote is for you to prioritize that one. 😀

Angel Eisnaugle says:

I’ve heard House of Leaves is best read and absorbed slowly. I attempted it back in October and got to a little over a hundred pages before I stopped. But I’ve heard amazing things so I plan to pick it back up.

Books of Blood says:

2 thumbs down for this excellent video? Seriously? I need to break down and read House of Leaves but dang does it look intimidating. Consider my thumbs up a double thumbs up, Rachel.

Arlene Lewis says:

Under the Skin was excellent. Thanks for telling me. The movie was terrible. Did not follow the book's storyline. Let me know about the New Faber.

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