35 Awesome Book Club Podcasts – Listen to Book Reviews, Authors Interviews & Many More

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Sometimes you just need to take a break from reading, and suck all that reading goodness through a different medium – AUDIO. There are audiobooks and of course book-club specific podcast which focuses on books, literature and any other book genres imaginable. In this special post, we have compiled 36 of these amazing book podcasts which you can listen to anytime you want and break out a little bit from the casual reading session.

Read during your commute, as your morning alarm or even as substitutes for your reading materials. This list of podcast playlists are nothing less than awesome, we guarantee you’ll have a good time. Humor is in abundance, and you’ll get hooked almost immediately. From classical, horror books to coverage among the best-selling titles out there, you’ll get insightful info of what’s happening in the book world today. Most of the sites listed below usually have a secondary iTunes site which lists all of their free podcasts.

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