2021 Books Tier List Pt. 1

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My tier list of fantasy scifi books I have read and reviewed in 2021 so far!
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Google: https://tinyurl.com/abkh6mn6 (ebook)
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Daniel Greene says:

Recorded this before the JG interview! It’s currently live on the channel 🙂

Hải Bùi says:

I havent read many fantasy books, but my thought have always been it a childish ( i mean it is not too complicated ) and easy to predict genre. Am I wrong or am I right thinking that way? This is a genuine question since I kind of want to read fantasy currently but that thought has kept stopping me. Thank you

Sean Ehlert says:

OMG!! You didn't like old man's war. It's so good though.

Coby Gordy says:

Have you read The Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks

ltrigga219 says:

Pawn’s Gambit and Sufficiently Advanced Magic are on my list now, and I just downloaded Shadow of the Gods on Audible. Sad to hear that Amber wasn’t your bag. Thanks for the reviews, man!

Brent Mason says:

If you're looking for indie books (especially indie sci fi) you should check out book one of Steele Archives: S.W.O.R.D. Academy by A.O. Iverson. My friend is obsessed with it and I think it's pretty good too. From a brand new author, anyway.

Nexus Production Group says:

I want to see you review the original Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. I rarely see this fantasy series talked about on Booktube but it has to be one of the first and most infamous dark fantasy series. Before there was Abercrombie, Lawrence, Brett and their ilk, there was Donaldson with this unbelievably brutal and dark high fantasy. Like Tolkien, but so grim you either love or hate it. Indeed, Covenant is described as the "most unlikable supposedly sympathetic protagonist in a book" of all time. Would love to hear your thoughts on this series.

SeeinCN says:

“Manga have silly names for archs “ “yeah right” “ok first off we have the syrup arch”

John Brown says:

Just a few years ago Daniel made a vlog where he was like "Eh I tried Pratchett, it was pretty good, eh.. I'll give it another shot maybe"


Professor Lukas says:

LOVE the RAFO shirt!!

Mariam Alsheikh says:

I wish Daniel still tier ranked the books he didn’t review

Jack Creagh-Flynn says:

I know this is a subjective ranking list, and David can do as he likes, but …
my earlier experience within research made me internally cringe when I heard "I'm gonna put it in A, because it makes the graph look better." @12:38. I know he backed the decision up though, which is good. Changing the data to make a graph look better is apparently something that makes me cringe now. Thank you, Research Experience. 😂

Tamara Lowery says:

Gotta agree about Old Man's War. Picked it up off the freebies table at LibertyCon a few years ago. It was OK, but I can see why someone gave it away.

zeothalen says:

would love to hear your thoughts on the Sun Eater series by Christopher Ruocchio

Slim says:

Now do p hub category tier list

4Runner King says:

Oh Daniel, just wait till you get to Iron Gold and Dark age… you wanna talk about LEGITIMATE HATE and love for fictional characters, just wait 🤦🏽‍♂️

Brand F. says:

The best thing about Ringworld is how it inspired better authors.

Michael Holloway says:

The problem with Ringworld is you're too old, you've seen too much. Ringworld is about wonder, the idea and the execution of it. In the 50 some odd years since ringworlds have been so used in scifi the wonder is gone. You go into it knowing what they are, how they work, and anything else you'd ever want to know. Worst of all those derivatives treat them as just a thing. Halo is the most famous example. The Halo in it is treated as something that's interesting for two seconds and then they have to turn it into a superweapon that destroys all life in the galaxy to give it some heft. The Halo itself is not a thing of wonder, it's what the Halo does. There's Halo games where we never even set foot on a Halo. The thing in the title isn't even seen, that's how little it matters. So, going back and reading Ringworld after decades of pop culture remixing it to death is going to be a letdown.

Coyley says:

Pratchett: The Master

Damian MK says:

Any recommendations for escapist fantasy? So, set in a non grimdark world, or a world that might be pleasant to visit?

absinthespoons says:

hell yea gnu terry pratchett. I prefer the watch and the moist subseries to the standalones but small gods is still pratchett and pratchett is god tier.

The CornerKid says:

I’ve only read one Niven book, The Mote in God’s Eye, and it was probably my least favorite book I read that year. It

Jozef Garcia Maegli says:

I seriously recommend the Arcane Ascension (Sufficiently Advanced Magic) in its audiobook form. I love the books on their own as well, but I feel that Andrew Rowe's style lends itself particularly well for audiobook narration, and Nick Podehl's narration is beyond incredible!

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