My thoughts on a random subgenre tier list for fantasy and SciFi. BREACH OF PEACE LINKS: Amazon: (physical/ebook) Audible: B&N: (physical/ebook) Book Depository: (physical) Google: (ebook) Apple: (ebook) Kobo: [More]
Hey guys, in this video, I’d be sharing the top memoirs on my reading list for the year 2022, as well as unboxing a book package of my most anticipated read of the list from [More]
Just Click on this link to order these books:- 1. ‘The Republic by Plato’ (in English) – 2. ‘Bharat ke Shastriya Nritya’ (in Hindi) – These books are in my to be read [More]
Hello friends! I’m back, after a couple of weeks without filming! haha But I’m here with a list of some awesome supernatural horror books that I think you should check out this season 🙂 Let [More]
hello friends! in this video i am discussing my list of books that i want to have read in my lifetime! kind of like a bucketlist of things you want to do before you die, [More]
Best I-Spy Books – Top Ten List 1. I Spy Mystery 2. I Spy Fantasy 3. I Spy Gold Challenger! 4. I Spy School Days 5. I Spy 6. I Spy Spooky Night 7. I [More]
Wherein our hero Durfee counts down the top 40 greatest fantasy series of ALL TIME! Just an FYI, I only put series on my list that I had read the ENTIRE series. So some of [More]
My tier list of fantasy scifi books I have read and reviewed in 2021 so far! BREACH OF PEACE LINKS: Amazon: (physical/ebook) Audible: B&N: (physical/ebook) Book Depository: (physical) Google: (ebook) [More]
History: ————- Read any one particular theory book which gives you interest. I started with Tulsi’s handbook(bengali version), then read few chapters from spectrum, arihant etc. Solved complete one liner MCQ from Krishna Reddy, GK [More]
KSG India, Khan Study Group, is the best IAS Coaching Institute for General Studies and CSAT in India. Under the expertise of Dr Khan in Vijay Nagar (North Delhi), Rajender Nagar (Central Delhi), Jaipur (Rajasthan), [More]
Wherein our hero Durfee counts down the 30 greatest cience fiction novels of all time and gets his butt kicked in the comments. #sciencefiction #toptenlist
So many stephen king books, so little time. Let’s put them all in a tier list! Make your own: Podcast: Merch: Patreon: Amazon: Discord Server: Twitter: Twitch: [More]
The Islamic History Book Review presents its top recommendations for the Prophet Muhammad’s Seerah biography in the English language ✔ Download the book mentioned in the video __________ FREE LEARNING RESOURCES (BOOKS, ARTICLES & [More]
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Timestamps for the Topics ⌛ 0:00 Intro 1:00 Why read books? 2:00 Why read everyday? 3:00 Audio Books 5:00 Is Radio still relevant 10:00 BTV 12:00 Streaming Transition 14:00 Our Favorite Book 15:00 Modhanno I [More]
Bill Gates shares his list of books you might enjoy reading this summer. Learn more at
Crime and Mystery, Comedy and important issues! All of these are in my May TBR list. These are rather different that most of my usual reads (as all of you know) but I can’t wait [More]
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In this video we have given the complete list of Books (Other than NCERT) you need to Crack the I.A.S in very First Attempt. History 1)Spectrum: 2)Bipin Chandra: 3)India Struggle for Independence: [More]
I’m hauling my collection of gothic, mystery and thriller books and recommending you some of the ones I’ve read and LOVED! Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost [More]
My tier list for a buncha sci-fi universes. What do you want from me? It’s a list. its got universes. ENJOY! The Tier List: Merch: Patreon: Discord Server: Twitter: Twitch: [More]
There have been some high profile mystery releases this year that contain my favorite trope: isolated closed circle mysteries! Come here my rambling thoughts 🙂 #BookReview Lipstick: Coral Crush by Dose of Colors *~*~*~* Books [More]
Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you who sent over RM’s reading recommendation list for me to check out 🙂 Namjoon has great taste in books so this was a fun challenge for me and [More]
hi, i hope you’re all well 🙂 here’s a super lofty and ridiculous tbr for your sunday more vids coming soon hopefully! channels mentioned sage sarah chan daria links goodreads [More]
Best and Worst Book to Movie Adaptations with Emily. Vivian Versus the Apocalypse Review. Buy the books from this video at The Book Depository. The Canterbury Tales (a retelling) by Peter Ackroyd [More]