Your Invisible Power, a Manual of Using Mental Energy [Occult Audiobook]

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Your Invisible Power, a Manual of Using Mental Energy by Genevieve Behrend.

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

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Laura 🔮 says:

Very interesting….thank you

Pineapplz says:

As someone who does not believe in the Christian definition of God, but more of a spiritual idea can this still work for me? Because I see the parallels from how he describes god, only in my own ways

Sothron says:

All this guy is doing is explaining the science of God

light wolf says:

Who else be feeling like thwy are on live TV 👀 or am i actually on live TV?

mark arnsberg says:

The new American Nazi party or should I say the new cult of 2021 just as Hitler was into the occult so is the new American Nazi party under Donald Trump formally the Republican party

kbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkb says:

Never too late to turn to Christ. Sad how many brainwashed people are currently on earth.

Chris Blu3 says:

Look at all these spiritual peacockers. They preach peace and love but can't stand death and darkness. Preach til your in your grave and re incarnate. Nobody cares. It's your life. All this new age preach. Goo out of your way and make an example of your self. I see how my need to comment device my interaction with my self. I in my mom self enlightened higher state. Laughs at me for my bliss full ignorance for the need for commenting. Talking, is going to far in that state. And you will never know until your tiered to you bounce for the living your shadow time after time, life after life. Let go

d felder says:

I love how there are 111k subscribers at the time of my watching this video 😏 Peace to the Gods ❤️

Shane Brandon says:

At 15:00 minutes he mentioned “ Meta “ and how someone mentioned “ why even have a physical world at all “ 2021 with metaverse coming via technology despite a meta always being present when we go within .

NJ T says:

Brilliant 👏🏾 Thank you so much!!!

Gringle says:

Damn this shit is kinda tarded

best MC wit no chain says:

Yeah, right. Listen to masons and new age delusional people.

Darius 'DB' Bowser says:

Began listening to this with my headphones on and had a pretty intense psychic experience. Strong ringing in my ear now, so something wanted me to hear this.

Natasha Chiware says:

Dear god, my enemies think so little in life
I thing BIG honey
Even if I might not make it at least I have the dream 💭
And vision of exactly what I want in life……….
Some people laugh at me for going to these designer stores and not buying anything
But what they didn’t know is I was putting my name on the the things I set eyes on
People want me to fail so badly
They want me not to make it in life
God please help me prove them wrong
In the name of Jesus

Boyastro says:

This is devils work isn’t it?


TH.ANKS for 💞♾🌏🌎🌍⚛♾💞👁👌👍

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