Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions

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Witchcraft: a Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions

A Book Review of a New Grimoire Spell Book from Curses to Hex and blessings and everything in between.

About the Author

Anastasia Greywolf is a practicing witch and herbalist with many decades (some say centuries) of experience in casting and conjuring. She lives in the Northeastern United States where she is a founding member of the Coven of the Moonbeam Ravine.

Melissa West is a painter and printmaker whose work explores the magical place where comfort and menace meet. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, and has exhibited in many galleries in the area as well as being featured In Pilgrimage magazine. You can see more of her artwork at

Product Description

A must-have volume for any occultist’s library.

Tap into the magic all around you with Witchcraft, an illustrated guide to ancient potions, spells, chants, rituals, and incantations from around the world. Learn how to form a spirit circle with coven members, what instruments you need for your craft, special conjurations for each day of the week, and hundreds of crafty spells and potions that will allow you to:

* Banish headaches
* Keep your home safe
* Envision your future spouse
* Win riches while gambling
* Communicate with animals
* Conceive a child
* Summon the dead
* Make it snow
* Separate lovers
* Know your future
* Make someone fall in love
* Dream extraordinary dreams
* See in the dark
* Drive away beasts
* Cause a lost love to return
* Read minds
* Delay death
* Make a foe suffer
* Become invisible
And much, much more!

With stunning linoleum-cut illustrations by artist Melissa West that bring the magic of the past to life, this comprehensive compendium is also a delightful page-turner that’s full of unexpected treasures. Place it in a sacred place in your home – and make sure no enemies find it to access its inestimable powers!