The Witches Tarot Review

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The Witches Tarot is the collaborative work of artist Mark Evans and author Ellen Dugan. This deck is published by Llewellyn Publishing and includes the box, 78 cards and a 312 page companion book.

The artwork is stunning and will grab your attention right away. I found these cards easy to read as soon as I pulled them out of the box.

The book was a pleasant surprise as it gives a detailed profile of each card, and also includes new spreads and tarot spells that can be used with the Witches Tarot. In addition to this, Ellen includes her own story of how she got started on her journey with tarot, and offers practical advice on giving readings for others.

The Witches Tarot deck and the book are very valuable tools, and they will definitely enhance your skills as a reader. The cards and the book are easy (and enjoyable) to read, and I am certain that you will receive plenty of insight and wisdom from both.

Review of cards: 1:08
Review of companion book: 4:29

You can purchase your copy of the Witches Tarot here: (affiliate)


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