The Weirdest Epic Fantasy Ever Written

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Listen. Not every fantasy book you read is going to be Tolkien or Sanderson. Some of them have things like parents who are still alive and magic that doesn’t crackle with actinic light. Some of them might not have magic at all. And stranger than all of these, some may have very real, very visceral things like sex in them.

Imajica is one such book.

In fact, it’s a weird fantasy book in a lot of ways. But the weirdest of them all is how deeply and how directly it cuts into the heart of what it means to have a healthy relationship with your own creativity. Sex is just one form of magic is uses to explore that.

So although we may not be talking explicitly about all the explicit stuff in this video, I still recommend you buckle up. Imajica is not like other fantasy stories. Not even a little.

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