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Today we cover the life of Smaug – the greatest dragon of the Third Age. We also cover his ancestors – the dragons of the North – and their wars with the dwarves of the Grey Mountains – including the ancestors of Thorin Oakenshield. From Scatha and Cold Drakes to Smaug and the dragons that may have existed after him, we talk about them all!

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Conversation with Smaug – JRR Tolkien
Bilbo and Smaug – Diego Gisbert Llorens
Ancalagon the Black – Caglayan Kaya Goksoy
On the Doorstep – Chris Rahn
Erebor – Alan Lee
Fram Slays Scatha the Long Worm – Kip Rasmussen
Gandalf at Bag End – Myles Pinkney
Gandalf vs the Balrog – Daniel Govar
Red Dragon – Kenny Gonzalo
Old Friends – Momofukuu
The Teeth of Scatha – Matthew Stewart
The Slaying of Scatha – Lynton Levengood
Tom Bombadil – Borja Pindado
Smaug – Al Lukehart
The Cold Drake – Alvaro Calvo Escudero
Smaug – Anato Finnstark
Bard Faces Smaug – Kip Rasmussen
Bones of Smaug – Steamey
Dragon Bones – Stefan Koidl
A Conversation with Smaug – Ted Nasmith
Esgaroth is Burning – Moonxels
Smaug Destroys Laketown – Greg Hildebrandt
Dragons – Grzegorz Rutkowski
I Am Death – Tai91
Smaug Chasing Bilbo – Iken
Laketown – Toby Carr
Laketown – Nate Hallinan
Smaug – Nicolo Rigobello
The Hobbit – Bilbo & Smaug – Pablo Olivera
Black Arrow – Paolo Puggioni
Red Dragon – Mazanedo
Scatha – Lynton Levengood
Smaug and His Treasure – Shockbolt
Smaug – Ckgoksoy
Smaug – Mike Azevedo
Smaug – The Rising Soul
Smaug & Bilbo – The Rising Soul
Smaug Destroys Esgaroth – Gaius Duke
Smaug – David Demaret
Smaug’s Arrival – Frerin Hagsolb
Smaug the Destroyer – Ted Nasmith
The Draconic War – Pietro Bouvier
Thief – Raoul Vitale
Scouring the Mountain – Ted Nasmith
Smaug Atop Erebor – Ted Nasmith
White Dragon – Vince L Falcone

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