The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene (Detailed Summary)

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We are social creatures and knowing why people do what they do is one of the most important tools you can have.

If you are looking for part 2 with the remaining laws ….. Here is the link to that video

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Lessons you will learn from the Laws of Human Nature

1. Understand your Irrational Mind
2. Are you a Narcissist?
3. How to read people’s behavior
4. See the bigger picture and become less narrow sighted
5. Learn the toxic characters that you should avoid in your life
6. Your Dark Side


0:00​ Intro
1:24​ Law 1 – Irrationality
8:40​ Law 2 – Narcissism
12:57​ Law 3 – Role-playing
17:06​ Law 4 – Compulsive Behavior
20:34​ Law 5 – Covetousness
23:35​ Law 6 – Short-sightedness
28:38​ Law 7 – Defensiveness
33:58​ Law 8 – Self-sabotage
39:36​ Law 9 – Repression

Robert Greene is also the author of well-known books such as the 48 Laws of Power and Mastery.

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