THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR | Spoiler-Free Review!

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Kirsten Perez says:

I’ve never rolled my eyes so much at a book in my life. I started to get very mad at Anne.. and annoyed.. there was just a lot that made me mad.. it was very easy to read so I finished it in a day because I wanted to move on to the next book I purchased .. I just couldn’t hold on to it… I wanted to like it.. finished it.. and now I’m like ehh.

Keely Johnson says:

I was so disappointed by the “reveal”.. it seemed easy and for some reason I wanted the ending to be twisted and it wasn’t for me. I wanted a thriller and to me it wasn’t that. It was just okay. The style of writing seemed so simplistic and I had no feelings towards the characters. The reasoning was stupid.

AlaskaIsBack says:

I finished the book yesterday and couldn't agree with your thoughts more. I felt like everything we learn about the characters is just there to drive the plot forward and not to give them any kind of depth. The potato comparison was just really on point.

Alina June says:

As a 14 year old I enjoyed this book overall but my main problem with it is the writing level is that of a children's book and is just too simplistic for me .
The other problems include …
-There were only twists in it because new information was jyst spring on you after the twist …. Rather than having clues in the book to help you figure out what happened
-The book was long-winded for the timeline of the book . It happened over the the course of a few days but felt like the ather was filling up pages with pointless shit .( sometines)
-It was really predictable

Dana Richard says:

Oh I did not like this book either…. Blah…

Laurie Mensah says:

Lmaooo a potato 🥔 😂😂😂…agree I just started but now I’m curious to keep going just to see what you mean

Akouto Vonwogbe says:

Your review made me laugh because this book was a fucking joke

Shah T says:

It’s actually a great thriller book…( coming from someone who hardily ever reads)

L V says:

I don't agree with any part of your review. This is a great book with great writing. Sure don't know why you didn't like it.

Rose Reads says:

This was so interesting – this book is currently in the charts and I wondered what it was about. Can always rely on you for a great review 🙂

moushkas Vee says:

I recently finished this book and recommended it to someone else who likes mystery thrillers. I think you hit the nail on the head with 'beach reads'. It was so fast paced and filled with secrets that I wanted to keep reading. I gave it four stars because, in the end, I felt satisfied with the ending. If I sat down and read the book again, I may not feel the same because I already know the secrets and plot twists. It's one of those adrenaline rush books where you feel giddy at the end so it gets a high rating.

combandpaper283 says:

Anyone who reads this book will haemorrhage dozens of IQ points
Who likes shit like this? ??

combandpaper283 says:

I thought you were far too kind to this writer
book is lazy and full of clichés, all of what passes for reasoning is flawed in the extreme
Only read it for a book group
Awful awful awful
My cat could write better

Kira Alessa says:

So happy I wasn't the only one who didn't enjoy this book. I couldn't even finish it, I just was not connecting to any of the characters and honestly stopped caring.

Eva Huang says:

Have you read gone girl? Do you like it

piglet11552 says:

thanks for the review, i was thinking of getting this but now i think I'll pass

Britt The Change says:

I read this as well! initially, I really enjoyed the story, but thinking back on it, it wasn't really a book that wow'd me. I think I finished it so quickly because, like you said, its fast moving.
I also felt like it was super, super predictable. AND ALSO I REALLY FELT LIKE THE TIITLE DIDNT FIT THE STORY AT ALL? And the ending??? i was just like, "but why….?"

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