The Complicated Relationship Between a Spy and His Handler | True Life Spy Stories

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This is the story of Alexander Dmitrievich Ogorodnik, a mid-level Soviet diplomat turned CIA spy. Ogorodnik was a Soviet diplomat who was recruited to spy on the Soviet Union while stationed in Bogotá, Colombia. Codenamed Agent Trigon, he was later transferred to the Soviet Foreign Ministry in Moscow where he photographed secret diplomatic cables and requested a suicide pill from the CIA in case he was caught.

His handler, Martha ‘Marti’ Peterson was the first female CIA case officer to operate within Moscow. At the height of the Cold War, she had the daunting task of running one of the CIA’s most valuable spy prospects.

Agent Trigon was ultimately betrayed by a CIA translator and arrested by the KGB.

What happened next is a story that not even the best spy authors could come up with…

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