Gothic literary professor and gender and sexuality studies expert Dr. Laura Westerngard reviews vampires in films and television, including ‘Nosferatu,’ ‘Dracula,’ ‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘The Hunger,’ ‘The Lost Boys,’ ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula,’ ‘Interview with [More]
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Disregard everything you’ve heard about this movie, allow me to put things into some proper context, this is my review for Dracula Untold! 🎬Movie Reviews – 🔥Subscribe for more gaming and geek culture nonsense: [More]
In today’s video we are going to look at how Stephen King’s second novel Salem’s Lot changed the future of vampire fiction, and how he uses vampires in other works such as his short story [More]
Published posthumously, Bram Stoker’s short story, Dracula’s Guest is shrouded in mystery and speculation to this day. Support Vampire Reviews on Patreon: The Company of Death by Elisa Hansen: (this link is for [More]
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Dacre Stoker, descendent of Bram Stoker and premiere Dracula scholar joins the Maven to discuss the contents an exciting new project–a collection of rare documents Bram Stoker used in the creation of Dracula. Back Unearthed [More]
Book club discussion of Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, an alternate history Victorian Gothic mashup: Dracula meets Jack the Ripper meets Sherlock Holmes meets Jekyll & Hyde meets everyone else you’ve ever heard of ever. [More]
Hope this video is helpful for anyone looking for a vampire book! Jump to certain sections: Classics: 1:31 Classic Spin Offs: 3:20 Paranormal Romance: 4:48 Comedy: 6:08 YA: 6:50 Horror: 11:38 Where to find me: [More]
Book club discussion of A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Witches and vampires and daemons and alchemy and romance! Join the Vampire Book Club on Maven’s Discord server: Support Vampire Reviews on Patreon: [More]
Boardgames, Philosophy, History, Comics, Miniatures, Books, Singapore. See a Keyword you like, give a video on this channel a try. This time, I will review Ravenloft: I, Strahd, Memoirs of a Vampire by P.N. Elrod. [More]
Today we look at the top five vampire novels that you may not have checked out. This list is HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE, so if you have your own picks, please leave a comment to tell me [More]