Per viewer request, Mike concludes his slow tour through his book shelves and talks about a handful of them. In part two, he talks exclusively about fantasy and sci-fi, with the occasional “classic” or crime [More]
My bookshelf tour is finally here! If you’ve been interested to see how I arrange my shelves and what I have on said shelves, here you are 🙂 I take you through my entire collection, [More]
hey y’all so this video is a tour of my new studio apartment, I hope you enjoy looking around my home. much love, Luke catch ya in the next one x ✭ my merch 🙂 [More]
Many of you messaged me with requests to see my home library at my parents’ place so here it is— A BOOKSHELF TOUR ! I had a lot of fun going down memory lane with [More]
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I have finally taken the time to do an updated bookshelf & room tour! I haven’t done one in over two years and so much has changed in that time. I’m no longer living at [More]
Hi ! Over the past months I’ve had a lot of people ask me for a room tour. So here it is : D I got lazy at the ending so don’t mind that lol [More]
This is my bookshelf tour 2020 in which I show you the bookshelves that i have in my dormroom in my university city. I also show the star ratings, my entire tbr and whether i’ve [More]
After asking all of you how I should organize my bookshelves, I’ve now officially turned the books back around, reorganized them, and done a bookshelf tour 🙂 Buddy Reads video: Art IG page: [More]
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✨Time Stamps Below✨ Intro: 0:00 My Background with Books: 1:03 Library Overview: 2:32 Rare and Special Editions Bookshelf: 3:32 Bookcase with Ladder Overview: 13:34 Adult Literature Bookshelf: 15:53 YA Lit Bookshelf: 28:15 Middle Grade Bookshelf: [More]
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2019 Bookshelf Tour | Almost 1000 Books! | Name That Song #30 #namethatsong #bookshelftour Library Setup Vlog – Draco Appearances: 7:11 8:11 10:58 13:57 15:54 17:01 Harry Potter Shelves – 2:39-3:53 Fantasy – 3:53-11:58 [More]
A brief introduction and tour of my shelf switching layout. Thanks for watching.
Hi Guys! It’s time for the long awaited bookshelf tour! Hope you enjoy snooping at the shelves you never see in my videos 🙂 MENTIONED: Entire Owned TBR – Bookshelf Reorganisation Vlog – [More]
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It’s here, and it’s huge. Forgive the HOUR AND A HALF that this ended up being but I’m so happy to share with you guys a snapshot of my bookshelves! ✩ BOOK OF THE MONTH [More]
i love my bookshelf and i’m excited to share it with you! here it is in all it’s glory! my book podcast: song used: ☞ Instagram: ☞ Website: ☞ Support me [More]
it’s finally heeeeere, guys, i just friggin love books, get ur reading on I’ve added some pictures on my blog for those who wanna have a v in depth look: 📕My Goodreads: 📘Bookshelf [More]
In which Rosianna answers questions and gives tours and that’s about it so why is this video so long? Not entirely sure. t-shirts etc.: twitter: tumblr: blog: goodreads: —- “Abstract [More]
My 2019 Bookshelf Tour!! Quick Notes- –This bookshelf is TALL! Around 7 feet or higher. Just for reference, I am 5,3 so it was hard to get the best angles! Hopefully I did ok! – [More]