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The 10 Best Spy Movies Of All Time A special brand of excitement can be found in spy movies. Audiences are swept away by dashing agents strutting into high-stakes scenarios, embedding into exotic locations, and [More]
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Do you love reading? In this lesson, we will look at some of the best books to learn English, which will help you A LOT to improve your reading skills and learn English vocabulary. Learn [More]
In this video we discuss the Metabarons, a graphic novel which takes place in one of the most bizarre science fiction universes ever created, The Jodoverse! Get this book: FOLLOW QUINN ON TWITTER: Twitter: [More]
My thoughts on a random subgenre tier list for fantasy and SciFi. BREACH OF PEACE LINKS: Amazon: (physical/ebook) Audible: B&N: (physical/ebook) Book Depository: (physical) Google: (ebook) Apple: (ebook) Kobo: [More]
I was asked to review the book “Queer Gospel; an Alternate Telling of the Bible”, and so I decided to review it from a Christian Perspective. Here are my thoughts. Support our videos! Patreon (thank [More]
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