Is The Lightning Thief Musical an ideal book adaptation? After the disaster that was the Lightning Thief Movie, I was cautious going into the musical. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by how amazing and [More] This is the summary of American Lightning: Terror, Mystery, the Birth of Hollywood, and the Crime of the Century by Howard Blum.
YES THAT’S RIGHT! MY FIRST PERCY JACKSON VIDEO!! So many questions for you: what’s your favourite Percy Jackson book? Who’s your favourite character? How much do you hate this film? How excited are you for [More]
Rick Riordan – The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson and the Olympians Audiobook. Listen to an extract of the incredible Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief audiobook to find out more about the amazing demi god. [More]
Find the full BookTube: A Discussion With Michelle Obama here: Book Depository Affiliate: (*I receive a commission if you buy books from the book depository using that link! It all goes back into [More]