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Joye AndBlessings says:

Dang! I had my hands on this at a used book store for $2… and I put it baaaaack! 😢 I’ll go back as soon as I can to get it if no one has beat me to it. I just didn’t know what to think of the intro on the jacket, but now that I know it’s got your approval, I waaaaaant it! 🙌🏼

Written in Blood says:

I finished The Winter People in roughly a day and I absolutely loved it! Thank you for your review and I'm glad that you liked it, too.

Ctina Loves 2 Read says:

i have the winter people featured on my spooky october tbr video and seeing this got me so excited to push it up to the top of my list… thanks so much.. =)

robrobbins says:

"Kill Creek" is a perfect horror novel about a haunted Victorian house. You can find plenty of affordable Victorian houses in small town Pennsylvania but you will be living in the middle of nowhere. Franklin W. Knox House in Coudersport, PA is the creepiest Victorian house I've ever seen but it is being renovated so it does not look as dilapidated as it used to.

Steph GD says:

Don’t breathe a word by her is fantastic!

LittleBirdBooks says:

Sorry I'm just now commenting on this video I've just now watched it. I loved The Winter People so much that Jennifer McMahon has become one of my favorite authors! I adore her writing style and the fact that her novels seem to always have an ethereal other worldly feeling to them. I now own all of her novels except Burn Town which I have yet to pick up.

Since you enjoyed this one I definitely recommend her novel, The Night Sister. It's very good as well. So far those are the only two I have read by her but I want to check out the others I've purchased really soon.

Another author I would recommend is Wendy Webb. She also writes horror paranormal type novels set in old Gothic homes around the Great Lakes. She's my absolute favorite author and my favorite novel of hers is, The Vanishing.

I really want to start making BookTube videos for my channel and it would definitely be in a similar vein as yours as I am a huge Horror buff when it comes to reading. I'm not so much a thriller person so much as I love novels set in old houses or hospitals that usually involve spirits or ghosts of some sort. I'm just a bit discouraged because I don't have a lot of natural light to work with and where my bookshelves are located I can't really sit in front of them to film. Plus, I work full time and my schedule always changes so trying to find time to film would be somewhat daunting. I know I just need to jump in and do it though so hopefully I will soon.

This was a great video and I can't wait to see other books you recommend to put on my reading list.

Jesse Caballero says:

I just finished reading the winter people and I absolutely loved it! Another great recommendation from you

The Mommy Bookworm says:

I'm a big fan of horror! I haven't heard of this one, but I will definitely be checking it out soon because of your video 🙂 I'll for sure be posting a review as well. Thanks for the awesome review!

Michelle Richmond says:

I would recommend Ghost Story by Peter Straub. I read it years ago and it's still one that I remember well. There was also a movie made starring Fred Astaire that was very well done.

Michelle Richmond says:

You should follow ….cheapoldhouses on instagram. Lots of old victorian homes for sale….cheap. Just for fun or who knows…you might find your dream house.

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