My Top 10 Favorite Fiction Books!

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I’m prepping for my talk in Vermont this week, so here’s a fun video about my favorite fiction books.

What are your favorites? And what should I read next?

Links to the books (only a couple; I won’t spoil the whole list!):

HPMoR: is the official site, though I actually recommend checking out xenohedron’s PDFs, which include Daystar’s re-written versions of the first four chapters (the originals are considered by the community to be a bit rough compared to the rest of the story; Daystar’s versions bring the writing up to the standard of later chapters and make the book easier to get into), and are formatted to look very similar to the printed canon Harry Potter books:

Hitchhiker’s Guide, narrated by Douglas Adams – Unfortunately, it seems this is the only way to acquire this version these days: