MAY 2022 READING WRAP UP | 1984! DRACULA! SORROW & BLISS (& many more!)

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Ben here, it’s that time again… thanks for stopping by!

00:00 Intro
00:45 Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell
11:50 The Interesting Narrative, Olaudah Equiano
17:00 Sorrow and Bliss, Meg Mason
24:18 The Sentence, Louise Erdrich
29:45 Women’s Prize for Fiction talk (my ranking)
31:12 If Not, Winter, Fragments of Sappho, Anne Carson
35:26 More Fiya*, edited by Kayo Chingonyi
39:00 The Death of Francis Bacon, Max Porter
43:06 Dracula, Bram Stoker
48:15 Less, Andrew Sean Greer
54:42 Proust update & June TBR

*book sent by publisher


Fab review of 1984 by @JuanReads (a go-to channel for classic book reviews!)

In depth discussion of Sorrow and Bliss from @Bob The Bookerer

An interview with Louise Erdrich, in the bookstore The Sentence is based in, which explains what Erdrich was wanting to explore.

Excellent video from @Hannah’s Books discussing different translations of Sappho

An… interesting review of The Death of Francis Bacon by @KDBooks

Fabulous review of Dracula by @Alana Estelle

And finally, very interesting look at Less with @TheBookchemist

Think that’s everything!

Thanks so much for watching!
Ben x

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