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MickeyGreenEyes213 says:

Omg thank you!! Behind Closed Doors was ultra lame and like everyone recommends it all the time!

OJ H says:

The worst mystery/thriller I’ve ever read was Eloise by Judy Finnigan. Have you read it? I thought the writing was simplistic, the main character was annoying and stupid, the plot seemed like it was taken from various daytime TV… it was a waste of time. It was the book that made me stop reading “New York times bestsellers.”

Mistah Unknown says:

Sweet lamb of heaven had like 2.9 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

shadowkitsu says:

Have you ever read A Madness So Discrete? If you're a fan of thrillers and dark themed books I'd highly recommend it

ivymuse says:

"oatmeal people" is the actual best expression for this type of characters that I've ever heard XD

Mika Grossmann says:

I'm wondering if you've read The Girl on the Train and what you though about it?

Adela Aguilar says:

Please list books with heroines like the one in Intensity by Dean Koontz… I have been looking for years!!!

Dani L. says:

"Are you excited to go to your room tonight?" WHO THE HECK ASKS THAT in front of guests, even if he meant it in a good way?! LOL no wonder why you laughed.

Elizabeth Photog says:

what is with all the evil republican chapters? I'm sure not all republicans are the same and it's getting so old.

mo bandy says:

Oh no I'm so sad you didn't like Behind Closed Doors!!!! I loved it! I obviously knew like what was happening from the summary, but I thought the story of how it happened and the ending was awesome! I really really liked it and it hardly every happens that I can read a book in one sitting but I did this one! Glad you shared you opinion though 🙂

Leddy FM says:

I came over to your channel from Emily Fox's account, and you had me on your review of Behind Closed Doors. I think we both were sucked in by the same review. I was waiting for the twist till the very last page, and nada. So glad I received the book through the "one free book a month" kindle promo that amazon has; yet, on the other hand I'm not because I could've read something better. Can't believe I spent my free book credit on that. Very predictable from beginning to end.

Smitten For Fiction says:

Girl on the Train was nowhere near as good as I hoped it would be. There was so much hype surrounding the book, and the movie – riding off the success-coat tails of Gone Girl. Girl on the Train is filled with Potato people! lol

WW Journey to Healthy says:

Ahhh I just picked these books last week!! I've read nothing but thrillers lately and these peeked my interest lol. Oh well!! Love your reviews!!

It's just Tess says:

We need more genres. Behind closed doors isn't a thriller. It's more a griplit, or drama with tension. 🙄

Rose Reads says:

Really interesting to hear that you didn't enjoy Behind Closed Doors – I keep seeing it everywhere and I thought I might give it a go but I'm not really interested if the twist isn't all that. Have you read I Let You Go by Claire Mackintosh? I'm planning to read it soon and I've heard it's really good 🙂

Katie Elise says:

That lifetime movie / boxed wine comment made me literally LOL all by myself here at home! So freakin true!

ThatCozyBookNook says:

Literally figuring out how to incorporate the phrase 'oatmeal people' into my conversations haha. Love your videos, Katie! You're so naturally funny but also analytical of the book at the same time. Awesome combo 👍🏽

Pridecat89 says:

I'm so glade you told me about behind closed doors before I got it. I've been looking at that book for a little while. I love thrillers and horror but it has to be done right.

AnnaPatriceThePhoenix says:

Thumbs up for oatmeal and potato people lol!

theStorykeeper says:

I fully admit to liking negative reviews. The last book I read that I really didn't like was The Folding Star by Alan Hollinghurst. Apparently flowery porn gets you to be a finalist for the Booker Prize.

I kind of understand why the writer would over-explain everything, though it is unfortunate. There are apparently some stupid readers out there. Once I had someone get confused over something I had written because the narrator referred to the character as Jack when another character called him James. She (the reader) was all "Who the Hell is James??? You need to explain this." Um… not only was it completely obvious the character was talking to Jack, it's a nickname for James…

Jessie's Shelf says:

Negative reviews always shed light on issues some people miss! To me its the real upfront part of booktube! I enjoy watching them and making them 🙂 Happy to know your thoughts on Behind Closed Doors, the book has been on my radar for the last month! Great reviews 🙂

Rachey T says:

I read Behind Closed Doors because it was £1.99 on iBooks, so I thought I would give it a go. As you said it was obvious from the blurb what was happening in this relationship, I read the sample first chapter and I thought Grace was going to be a much stronger interesting character, playing Jack at his own game but it did not turn out like, Grace was a bore. The plot was ludicrous. I did read it quickly and enjoyed it, which I can't really explain why because even reading it I was thinking this is so silly,

Greedy Reader says:

I love watching/reading rants as long as the ranter can explain why they disliked something – not just hating for the sake of it. Makes it so much more interesting!

I read Millet's book Mermaids in Paradise last year and ended up disliking it a lot. I thought it started off well and had some great dialogue but then it turned into a complete farce – and not just because mermaids were involved! All of the characters talked the same way (everyone was quirky and quippy). It got annoying very quickly. I don't know if I would give her another try. A lot of people like her works but the Mermaids annoyed the crap out of me. Don't know if I'd risk more of that lol

SparklesBooks says:

I wasn't too into Behind Closed Doors too, I didn't understand the needless dog slaying which sounds like an odd reason to dislike a book but it really disturbed me.

KalishkaRuby says:

This was really interesting as I've read Behind Closed Doors (only the second psychological thriller I've read, after Gone Girl) and I really enjoyed it. Well, I found it completely horrifying and sad but I thought it was well written. I also picked up from the synopsis that Grace was trapped by Jack but I was far more interested in HOW Grace managed to get into that situation (and how she plans to get out of it) and with the book flipping back and forth between present day and their early relationship then you can see that happening. That is what has always puzzled me with domestic violence/abuse cases and so it was good to see how it could happen. Although both characters frustrated me at times and the book was super creepy I understood what was going on and why. Thanks for your review! 🙂

ElsaLovesNailPolish says:

3 people do not enjoy potatoes or boxed wine. Hmm.

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