I Prefer Non-Fiction Books, The Ideal Muslimah, Religious Books & Cinema ft. Mariah Idrissi

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Guest Recommendations:
Big Panda and Tiny Dragon:
Prisoners of Geography:
The Ideal Muslimah:
Dustbin Baby:
Girls Out Late:

Guest Bio:

Mariah Idrissi became recognised as the world’s first hijab wearing model for H&M in 2015. She is a Writer and international Diversity and Inclusivity Consultant, specialising in Muslim audiences. She has worked with brands such as MAC cosmetics, Facebook and Sky to name a few. In 2018, she became recognised as a MIPAD – Most Influential People of African Descent at the United Nations.

Mariah has co-written and acted in a comedy shorts series which has garnered over 3 million views online. She is currently working on her first animated feature film and documentary.