HOW TO BECOME A REAL WITCH | Tips for beginner witches

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Do you want to become a real witch and are wondering how to start your witchcraft journey?

My name is Bex and I have been a practicing, secular witch for almost 18 years now – mainly focusing on kitchen witchery, cottage witchcraft, and green witchcraft.

Today I am going to share a thorough step-by-step guide with you on how you as a witchcraft beginner can become a real witch and what to keep in mind when starting your witchcraft journey. I do hope you enjoy my ¨baby witch tips¨ / tips for beginner witches.

As always, these tips for beginner witches come from my personal experience and background and are not written in stone, so take the ones that resonate with you and disregard the ones that don’t.

This video does not only contain advice for beginner witches but Might also be a good refresher for more seasoned practitioners – we all live and learn 🙂

Witchcraft is an umbrella term for many different practices from all around the world that are all built on some kind of cultural, spiritual, traditional, religious, or philosophical belief.
Witchcraft is a craft, practice, and lifestyle. In itself, it is not a religion.
However, Wicca in all its subcategories is a religion and the people following the various branches of Wicca do practice witchcraft.
Some witches might be pagan, thus follow one or more pagan pantheons, work with deities of following ancient pagan traditions, celebrations, and practices. However, not all pagans automatically practice witchcraft.
In this video, I will be speaking about witchcraft in its simplest form – as a craft without any religious ties. But all of the 12 steps will apply to anyone following a Wiccan or pagan path too.


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