How I Passed NCLEX First Try with 75 Questions

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Learn how I passed NCLEX first try with 75 questions. The NCLEX exam is the test that most nursing students dread after graduation. New nurse graduates must pass this exam in order to fully practice as a licensed RN or LPN.

In this video, I’ll reveal the exact method I used to prepare for the NCLEX exam, including the NCLEX review guides used, my study log, how I approached NCLEX practice tests, and more.

When I was in nursing school, I created a study log to record the actual time I spent studying, which you can view here:

Here are the key points to remember as you consider your NCLEX test-taking strategy.

1. Start early. You never know what might happen after graduation. I secured my first official job as a nurse (which I was able to get by doing an extern program) just days after I graduated.

While I had to take many HESI practice tests during school, I officially began preparing for NCLEX on December 11th, and I graduated in May.

2. I used both a HESI review guide and NCLEX review guide, which I highly recomend. I’d take many practice tests, look at rationales, and so forth.

3. I’d use both review guides to compare things like symptoms, patho, etc.

4. Learning the patho is your secret weapon to passing the NCLEX. If you can understand the patho of the major diseases, you can usually find the right answer to the question, even if you don’t remember the specifics.

5. I would use software that came with the NCLEX study guide to find my weak areas, and then I’d study those areas individually.

6. I shifted my strategy in the last week before NCLEX. I not only took some time off work to prepare, but I also shifted from studying my weak areas to practicing comprehensive tests.

7. If you do fail NCLEX, I offer some tips for you as well. Some of the best nurses I’ve known have failed the NCLEX exam, so don’t let a temporary failure prevent you from achieving your dream of becoming a nurse.

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RegisteredNurseRN says:

Hello, everyone! In this video, I summarized my strategy for how I passed the NCLEX-RN on my first try (with 75 questions). I know that many of you have taken it and have already passed, so CONGRATS! Some of you are still preparing, and I hope these tips help you. Also, some of you may deal with the gut-wrenching news of failing it the first time around. I try to offer some encouraging words for you, because some of the best nurses I've worked failed the NCLEX the first time around. If you got through nursing school, you can pass this test! Shake it off, reschedule, and hold your head high, because you're going to become a licensed nurse!

When I was in nursing school, I logged my study time for NCLEX, and you can see that here:

Yuan Co says:

I just watched your video and got inspired. I hope after few months ill come back here and give you a comment saying “Thank You, I passed the NCLEX”. I subscribed and started following you! Please guide me to my journey. Thanks. -Yuan

Eveline Nyah says:

I passed Nclex PN first try with 75 questions. Thank you so much for the lectures.

Opal Stone says:

Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for your videos! I passed NCLEX!! I appreciate you for all you do!!

you acedmey 001 says:

From India …. God alwy bless u my dear

Gabriella Sappm says:

I can't thank you enough!!! All your videos helped me tremendously!!!!

Nicole Nolan says:

I took the NCLEX on Thursday, and found out yesterday that I failed. Devastating but I am planning to regroup and think of other ways to study,, your videos have helped big time! Thank you!

Islamic solution says:

I love you 💝

Vaydah van Winden says:

Would the same study guides work for Canadian students or are they specifically North American?

Kamal Kaur says:

Im supposed to take the nclex soon!

Mohd Hussain says:

Hi I'm from India and i have completed my MSC nursing with specialty of child health nursing . So i want to go australia but i have problem how to clear nclex exam plz suggest me and what type of material can be use plz rply me

Angel Suarez says:

Thanks for sharing!!!!

Taehyung the ᵀᶦⁿʸ savage says:

Your video is awesome👏👏

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