FAITH: The Sci-FI RPG review

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Venger Satanis says:

Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise!

steven chan says:

Hi, Anyone interested in a FREE Audio Book of The Science of Sci-Fi”. I just downloaded a free one legally from Amazon. If interested, comment below “Send me the link” & I will PM you the info.

Game Talker says:

I think the idea of the universe not being too fleshed out or definitively portrayed is to allow more freedom in players designing and navigating their own campaigns, which I actually prefer. Nothing more annoying than that player who is a know it all Forgotten Realms expert, constantly trying to correct you or argue every minute detail as it is somehow relevant to 1000 years worth of history at every single turn while trying to DM a game in that setting or any other. A goblin horde could never have an encampment here because blah blah blah, or so and so couldn't possibly be Lord of a manor in this particular region of Shadowdale because…. ughhh!

Cyborg Bunny says:

Nevwr played it… now I want it!!

Janek Sielicki says:

Thank you! Are you going to have a look at the new version of the game? I think it improves all the elements you don't like..

SoniaTheSquishy says:

So…. where can I buy this? The game seems impossible to track down.

BlackSheep says:

There's an indie RPG called Masks: A New Generation coming out soon that I think you'd enjoy. Teen superhero game inspired by things like Young Justice, Teen Titans, Young Avengers, Runaways, X Men Evolution. It's as much about how the characters define themselves and how the world sees them as fighting villains.

Dark Slayde says:

Interesting RPG. I can see some indie-elements in it and the NPC cards seem like they would make the game easier and quicker to play improvisationally. I'm not a big fan of the character boards though. They look nice, but don't seem like the most portable or storable form of character sheets. Now if they digitized those character boards so you could fill them out on your phone or tablet that would be awsome.

Rob749s says:

They deserve an award just for those player mats!

underfire987 says:

would love to see more RPG reviews, RPGs are my fav #1 thing I live and breath for. over all though it does sound odd but glad you liked this game over all, though I am never the type to like high sci fi ( expsecially with swords and guns side by side :S)

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