Dungeons & Dragons Buyers Guide Part 3 D&D 3 5

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chris elliott says:

I always thought a great monster to add would be, "Time Knights". Essentially they ars summoned by a Wizard Spell summoning a Knight bearing a great sword. A small lantern cage hangs behind the night, and a key is around the knights neck. A small orb is locked in the cage, and if the cage is opened the orb leaves the cage causing time to freeze upon the surrounding area. Until the orb is placed back into the cage time remains frozen. Only Time Weapons from another time works for damaging the knights.

Cynic The Hedgehog says:

Most important book: draconomicon.

Chris Sebastian says:

Getting into d&d again and wanted to play 3.5, this has been super helpful. Thank you!

VincentsVideoVisions says:

I used to have every 3.5 book and module (first party) as well as tons of 3rd party stuff. I sold them all and go with pdfs now because it's a million times more convenient. Also, the books are crazy expensive nowadays.

phoxxentswrath says:

Always been curious how easy it would be to use some of these with 3.0

John Spencer says:

I can't find videos discussing much on 3.5 at all.
It sucks.

Imperator88vis says:

I just discovered these buyers guides of yours and they are really outstanding! There are SO many 3.5 books and I thought I'd mention a few more WOTC 3.5 books I picked up that might also have been on this list. The first is the "Book of Vile Darkness", which has got to be WOTC unique for its adult theme, with illustrations of demons, devils, brutal dismemberments, torture and female nudity. It is a sourcebook for base evil in D&D campaigns. Then there are three more much more mundane campaign sourcebooks, and those are "Sandstorm", "Frostburn", and "Stormwrack", that detail wilderness settings in desert, arctic, and ocean environments, respectively.

James Tomlin says:

Keep it up. Content is really rich and informative. Channel highly underrated. Don't stop.

Brian Stell says:

D&D 3.5 Buying Guide:
Just f*cking buy Pathfinder

Arcane Wizardry says:

I would like to get the 3.5 reprints since they updated the errata. There is more material for 3.5 than I remember coming out, I like these types of books that build the system up and add meat to the core. Played some good adventures in the system when it first came out, and still own the books from when they came out in stores. Pathfinder(3.75) then came out, I played for a while, but faded back into AD&D and other game systems.

Dakota Freese says:

Been waiting for this video!!

Grim DM says:

Sharing with this with my 3.5 buddy, great video!

João Domingos says:

Hey Draven! Great video as always 🙂 what are your feelings about libris mortis vs open grave? I just got open grave recently and i wanted to know 🙂 thanks and continue the good work 😉

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