Dr. Finance Live Podcast Episode 41 – Doctor Joe Vitale Interview – Author – Marketing Guru – Singer

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This is Episode 41 of the Dr. Finance® Live Podcast hosted by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”). Dr. Criniti interviewed Dr. Joe Vitale, a globally famous author; marketing guru; movie, tv, and radio personality; musician; and one of the top 50 inspirational speakers in the world. His many bestselling books include The Attractor Factor, Attract Money Now, Zero Limits, and his latest releases The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment and Anything Is Possible.

A popular, leading expert on the law of attraction in many movies, including The Secret, Doctor Vitale discovered the “missing secret” not revealed in the movie. He’s been on Larry King Live, Donny Deutsch’s “The Big Idea,” CNN, CNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News: Fox & Friends and Extra TV. He’s also been featured in The New York Times and Newsweek.

One of his most recent accomplishments includes being the world’s first self-help singer- songwriter as seen in 2012’s Rolling Stone Magazine®. To date, he has released 17 albums! Several of his songs were recognized and nominated for the Posi Award, regarded as “The Grammys of Positive Music.”

0:00​​​​​ – 27:46 – Podcast welcome and Doctor Joe’s story
27:47 – 45:56 – About Doctor Joe’s books and The Secret’s marketing genius
45:57 – 47:36 – How does it feel to be a part of the movie The Secret?
47:37 – 54:32 – How does it feel to have been homeless? Tiny break…
54:33 – 1:00:26 – What relationship does the movie The Secret have with Napoleon Hill’s hidden secret from Think and Grow Rich?
1:00:27 – 1:03:11 – What is the Law of Attraction?
1:03:12 – 1:06:21 – What is the history of the Law of Attraction? William Walker Atkinson
1:06:22 – 1:09:35 – What other mindset laws are out there? Jack Canfield, Don Green
1:09:36 – 1:13:53 – How does the Law of Attraction apply to people? In every moment, we are constantly attracting or repelling other people into our lives. Agree?
1:13:54 – 1:27:38 – What is your favorite song? Can you sing it? Doctor Joe’s singing career
1:27:39 – 1:30:00 – What is the relationship between music and the Law of Attraction?
1:30:01 – 1:35:33 – What is the relationship between psychology and the science of mindset? Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung
1:35:34 – 1:36:27 – Are we our thoughts?
1:36:28 – 1:36:51 – How powerful is a thought?
1:36:52 – 1:38:41 – Can 1 thought change the world?
1:38:42 – 1:39:54 – Can 1 book change the world?
1:39:55 – 1:42:25 – What role has networking played in your life?
1:42:26 – 1:48:32 – Is mentoring important? Who are some of your mentors?
1:48:33 – 1:50:27 – What are your favorite financial books?
1:50:28 – 1:52:08 – Do we need money to survive?
1:52:09 – 1:53:13 – Is finance necessary for everyone? Why or why not?
1:53:14 – 1:55:00 – How important is having a purpose in business? What is your purpose?
1:55:01 – 1:56:51 – What would you like to accomplish in the next 10 years or so? Why?
1:56:52 – 1:57:20 – What would you like to be your legacy to this world? “He inspires us”
1:57:21 – 2:03:14 – Wrap up thoughts and Outro

Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”) is the world’s leading financial scientist and survivalist. A fifth generation native of Philadelphia, Dr. Criniti is a former finance professor at several universities, a former financial planner, an active investor in diverse marketplaces, an explorer, an international keynote speaker, and has traveled around the world studying various aspects of finance. He is an award winning author of three #1 international best-selling finance books: The Necessity of Finance (2013), The Most Important Lessons in Economics and Finance (2014), and The Survival of the Richest (2016). As a prolific writer, he also frequently contributes articles to Entrepreneur, Medium, and Thrive Global. Dr. Criniti has started a grassroots movement that is changing the way that we think about economics and finance.

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