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A set of real page-turners, perfect for this Halloween season or whenever you need a good spine tingling!


jay762360 says:

I am almost done with book 4.  All throughout the series, I couldn't help but pick up on Mr. Koontz' real message to us, at least, in my opinion.
He warns us of the danger of science being corrupted into a political tool to fool and control the masses.  He warns us of the danger of straying away from human decency.  He sees how socialism leads to totalitarianism and how all, but the very few elites at the top, are going to be little more than cattle and human machines to run the factories.  I see quite a lot of this today, by the way.  I feel he is warning us of how the elites plan a new world order that will be so terrible to live under, worse than even life in North Korea, if we allow what is known as progressivism and those who worship technology and wealth and power over human decency to have their way.  I view this from a Christian perspective, but I don't believe that one must be religious to see just how wrong things in this world are going along these lines.  There are people who are working, today, towards developing technology that will merge man with machine, as a means of achieving immorality.  All of you who are not religious may feel how you wish about this, but I for one, see this as an abomination. 
I believe that at the very core of Mr. Koontz's message, in these books, is a warning against, what I believe is the most destructive and murderous philosophy ever to be conceived by mankind. 
I am speaking about the philosophy of 'Utopianism'.
Utopianism always leads to socialism/communism and eugenics.  This has already been attempted, on a large scale, in many nations in the past and present.
The result has always been misery, brutality, enslavement, and mass murder on the order of millions of lives.
I warn, and I believe that anyone in political/monetary power who calls themselves a 'progressive', believes, regardless of the insanity and evil that comes with this, and realizes what the term infers, how it is no different to 'utopianism', will lead us all into the abyss. 
Wherever, on this world, you live, If you have the privilege to vote for your leaders, please cast your votes with knowledge and wisdom.

Carl Trec says:

j ai bien aimé la série.Le cinquième c est le meilleur. realy i loves the serie. The fithief is the best one.

Vivian's DIY Projects says:

I just started this series. I was reintroduced to Koontz from my book club with "One Door Away From Heaven." It has my all time favorite fictional character, Aunt Gen. lol. I normally read sci-fi and fantasy with all too many non-fictions of late. I try to avoid series because of the waiting for the next one thing. lol. I'll make an exception here.

Savior20061 says:

@ZombieTactics Read the first book. It was very good but I doubt I'll read the others as the people on Amazon were complaining about the ending for the third.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Wow, Cool! Thank you, love his books. Didn't know about these. 🙂

ZombieTactics says:

@holybrolydood I am a big fan of the Chris Snow books as well. I hope he does more in that series.

holybrolydood says:

I really enjoyed these books. Read Lost Souls about as soon as it came out, thanks to my connections at the local library. I can't wait for more from the Fear Nothing/ Chris Snow universe. Still 2 of my favorites by Koontz.

usframe says:

interesting, ordered them up at the library, always good to have more referrals.

BaByGoTtHeRuNz says:

I remember they were going to make a television series based on the books but it flopped and the pilot episode for the show became a direct to dvd movie. Haven't read the books but after seeing the movie they've been on my "Will Read List". Thanks for the reminder!

Nathan Martin says:

neat i might read them

Vhammer2010 says:

Can't say anything about those books, but I love Koontz's Odd Thomas series. Hoping to check out these. Thanks for the recomendation. Btw, you can also get them on Audible

adventurek9 says:

I wish I had more time to read, but just have too many irons in the fire. One series that I couldn't put down is the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley.

Thanks for your review. I may have to check them out.

Vitaly says:

I need a new book to read, so I guess Ill have something now.

EvalynnsVlogs says:

Now I have to go and spend money. Every time you do a book video! LMAO. Thanks Zombie.

EvalynnsVlogs says:


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