YA Murder Mystery Recommendations!

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Kim Humphries says:

One of Us is Lying is a good book! I don't read much YA but I liked this one. I wasn't sure if I wanted to read the sequel, but I think I'll pick it up later on thanks to your recommendation! And I zoomed through the Truly Devious series earlier this year after reading the first book for a book club.

Lamour De Books says:

I need these!
I’ve only read two of these but I’ll definitely check out the others!💕💕

Opalescent says:

I really like your intro, and this idea for a video!! 😀
One of Us is Lying was a super fun read so I'd definitely like to check out its sequels/spin-offs by the author. And Truly Devious!! Everyone on booktube says it's great, it has been calling my naaame

Just Bookish Things says:

Came here for recs but now I just want to re-read The Naturals…. this is your fault

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