The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) Review

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A review of the 1957 British horror classic, The Curse of Frankenstein, starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Robert Urquhart.


Matt Forrest says:

Actually the first horror movie made by Hammer was The Quatermass Experiment, though it had a sci-fi theme rather than Gothic.

Jon Does says:

You are the 1st person beside me that said his creature was zombie like. There is an even more scene in this film when the creatures encounters the blind old man. The way he drops his arms down and his stiff  way walking toward the blind man is very very zombie like and really was scary. I agree with you 100 percent. I have even posted this on other clips comparing him to zombie or the walking dead characters. I hate they got rid of him in the 1st film. He was frightening but somewhat cute in a strange way. I wish Revenge of Frankenstein had him in it but they had to kill his  character in an acid vat darn.

Wayne King says:

I love Mary Shelley's novel. Do you know of or can you recommend any Frankenstein films that are faithful to the novel?

Rick Michaels says:

I have not watched any of your other reviews. I was looking for the curse of frankenstein,to watch online.But couldn't find it. I have seen a lot of the hammer Dracula movies.And i love them..Most of the hammer films i have watched i have really enjoyed..Have you seen twins of evil? What do you think of the new hammer films like the woman in black staring.Daniel Radclif…anyway enjoyed your review thanks

MediaAssault says:

@MrSteve24fps Yeah, that's true. I misspoke.

steve ninetyfeetpermin says:

The film is 83 not 123 minutes in length.

Ghoulish Grin Films says:

Great review! I did enjoy the first movie of the Hammer series. I believe it's a classic remake.

James Dungar says:

Nice review i love hammer horror and makes me proud to be english, wish they made horror films like this these days!

MediaAssault says:

@fedredted Thanks for the comment! I am going to start watching them all again. It's been too long.

MediaAssault says:

@Heavymetalrille Thanks, man! I think I'm going to start picking up more of them too.

MediaAssault says:

@kidri0t Yeah, occasionally. I typically don't give out my gamertag for online in comments because I get deluged with friend requests and game invites.

WhatChaMaCalum says:

do you play ps3 online?

Heavymetalrille says:

Great review! I have that movie aswell. I like old Hammer Horror movies and i have quite alot of them, i will try to get them all.

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