The Books That Made Me: "Letting Go"

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I get asked A LOT about what #books I’m reading, or recommendations on what to read…so here we have…some semblance of a book club, read along, analysis of the books that have made me and inspired me.

Get Letting Go by David Hawkins here:


Produced by Jenny May Finn (Instagram: @jennymayfinn)


Lucy Bower says:

I love yoga, I really do, but I’ve been troubled. I’ve recently become what you might call born again , I’m thinking about being baptised but was never Christened. I know The Bible says one god only as a commandment, and now I’m troubled about practising Yoga. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Thank you, the books sounds good, I’ll look it up.

Nadine Warsaw says:

Levels of Energy Frederick Dodson to read to see

Uzi911 says:

His books for easy copy pasting.

The undethered soul – Michael singer
Letting go – David hawkens
Encounter with the self – Edward s Ettinger

Fancy Animal says:

You have an addiction to thinking that no amount of enlightenment through thinking will resolve. You need to find exhausting constructive purpose with your hands and body. Not sure jujitsu is the proper outlet.

Deborah Langelier says:

I look forward to reading them. Thank you!

Sallai Zoltán says:

The handy enquiry unsurprisingly chew because replace anecdotally wrap barring a protective thursday. empty, earsplitting sink

Johnny Malele says:

Love the review. Just bought it on audible. Thank you

Carl P says:

Big love for not linking amazon for the book 🙂

Simone Rutterford says:

You must read Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. Regardless of your beliefs on channeled information, it is a truely mind blowing read. Also And the light shall set you free by Dr Norma J Milanovich and Dr Shirley D McCune. 😊

Sarah Morris says:

I just purchased two books Russell wrote Recovery and Freedom and his other one it hasn't arrived yet but just reading the first chapter on his recovery book was brilliant and thoughtful x Can't wait to read the rest and his other book lol x Love you Russell you're a spiritual superstar 👏🥰🤗💟🙏☝🇬🇧

Peter EFC says:

I'm not sure about the bit where it says a severely sprained ankle can be fully healed by a process of surrender. I do however fully buy in to surrendering the negative energies for emotional and spiritual growth

Steven Nagy says:

Humbug and Flim-Flam! the letting go technique is like telling a baby that crapped its diaper to sit with it and feel why it dislikes the smell. I guess whatever makes you feel comfort & control but I got nothing out of this book.

Wendy Bone says:

The last time I saw my father alive he recommended Letting Go to me and couldn't stop talking about it. I regret I wasn't paying much attention since we were at a family gathering, but he was emphatic, telling me I must read this book. We didn't know then that he had cancer, and within days of finding out, he was gone. In the midst of my grief, the name of this book returned to me and I immediately bought it to discover what my father had been talking about. It was his last great gift to me.

Cynthia Brocc says:

Russell, Thank you!! I recommend Letting Go and Untethered Soul to everyone who will listen!!!! 💖🙏🏼💖🙏🏼

Chris Cooper says:

that was a nice one, natural

BitSplash says:

What is that plant in the background? I think we have the same plant in our home.

Julianna says:

That book continues to change my life!

Caleb Groncki says:

Hey Russell, thanks for your videos.

Been having a rough couple of days, I’m coming up on 2 years free of substance abuse.

But they’ve helped me through some of my issues.

Testa says:

or rather, "to express it" as one of the ways in which we meet an emotion, means you actually hit the person you are enraged at. Not recommended.

Project Integrity says:

I innovated a way to mobilize people who are fed up with all of this. if
sustainable for-profit worker-owned cooperatives empower workers,
consumers, and communities, what about a franchise model designed to
organize and accelerate their growth? a cross-class, cross-professional,
cross-national movement/book called Project Integrity International:
Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy. video on my channel. There are
soooooo many awesome books and videos on the problem….I wanted to
match this brilliance with a solution (not another non profit or union
effort, but a big bad ass solution!) it is often stated "knowledge is power" BUT I change this "applied knowledge is power"

damian dubicki says:

Uncle Russ at it again you’re a blessed Donny

Brenda McMorrow says:

this book "Letting Go" was huge for me back in 2012 when I read it. I was lucky enough to be at David Hawkins' last public talk before he passed away. Deep soul.

Donna Maxon says:

Could you please speak on Caucasions being the new minority. Its every where

ALW ALW says:

Thanks so much for sharing with us the books you have found to be so helpful Russel. I found Dr. Hawkins books (I read all of them several times) to be a great stepping stone in my spiritual journey. I will always be grateful for the role he played. However, I have found the work of Marshall Vian Summers has taken my spiritual practice to a whole new level. He received in a state of Revelation a meditation practice called "The Steps to Knowledge" which I consider to be the ultimate "how to manual" in discovering the deeper intelligence called Knowledge that resides within us all. It is the part of us that is still connected to The Divine. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who is seeking to become who they really are and discover the purpose that brought them to this planet. Available completely free at Stepstoknowledge org.

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