Another great NCBD for non-spoiler reviews! Be sure to check out the podcast for way more comic book content! Books reviewed include: MARVEL COMICS Daredevil #34 Defenders #2 X-Force #23 DC COMICS Batman #112 [More]
Batman and Sin City writer and artist Frank Miller talks retelling the story of Batman and breaking into the second wave of his career with the creation of Sin City. Subscribe to our channel: [More]
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Content: The great elseworld story by Kelly Jones besting Batman vs. Dracula Dur.: 1.35 min / Fanproject / IhKo Visualizer 2013 Elseworld story published by DC in 1991 Writer: Doug Moench Artist: Kelly Jones Music: [More]
Buy here – This deluxe edition presents the 1989 Batman movie adaptation in a hardcover format for the first time. This 30th edition also features high quality scans of Jerry Ordway’s original black and [More]
Captain Logan reviews the comic book movie adaptation of “Batman and Robin.” Because he’s a masochist. And it’s actually pretty interesting.
Vampires are real. But, only one of them, is Batman.
hey youtube here’s my review on the batman vs dracula on dvd hope u guys like it, ^_^ also i wish luck to everyone that had it rough from hurricane sandy i hope alot of [More]
Let’s see what legendary vampire hunter BLADE has to say about Batman’s techniques.
This is my review on the graphic novel Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, written by Doug Moench, illustrated by Kelley Jones, published by DC comics, and based on the character of Batman originally created by [More]
This is my review on the 2005 direct-to-video animated film The Batman vs. Dracula, which is a spin-off of the television series The Batman, and features the character of Dracula who originated from the novel [More]
Batman V Dracula can it get more awesome,oh yes it can.
The last time Frankenstein and Batman crossed paths, the Dark Knight had him in pieces…. and we’re not talking about laughter! Clearly, some animosity exists between the two, but can they put their issues aside [More]
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