SIDE BY SIDE | The Witches 1990 & The Witches 2020

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It’s been 30 years and these witches are still turning little boys into mice. See the difference between Jim Henson’s classic practical effects and Robert Zemeckis’ CGI. It’s practically night and day. Which do you prefer?


Thinknoodlesfan13 says:

0:44 the guy he looks like mr bean xd

Grandmaster Dragonborn says:

The fact that the original looks better even though it’s 30 years older then the remake is just, by all accounts, a testament of how films are getting worse.

taketemamula says:

The Paractical Effeckt was Better!

Suisi the cat says:

Mr. Beannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Moon Memento says:

way too much CGI in the new one

David Cabreón Muñoz says:

Métele un chingo de CGI a todo: La Película.

Burhan chishti says:

What Mr bean is in Witches

Vinluv Handesbukia says:

This is just Everyone hates Chris's the witches parody

Johnny Cab says:

Woke garbage, bad cgi

Marlei Teixeira says:

É um grande filme!<3

Mixed Mashed potato says:

I loved them both 😀

Alexia 1400 says:

the remakes are so bad and your special effects are so cheap and idiots

Jaden Gore says:

He sounds like Marty ("From Madagascar")

Lonlonjp The King ?WO says:

LMFAO they remade it for black people! 🤭🤣

The BC Network says:

1:25 The remake looks so gross 🤢

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