RPG Crawler Reviews: Curse of Strahd

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Alright, LAST CoS video for a while! I promise! Here’s a review of the new Dungeons & Dragons book Curse of Strahd, released worldwide March 15 2016. Embark on a horror roleplaying adventure set in a classic D&D realm. Face the iconic villain Strahd von Zarovich.

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Manianilou says:

If it's a review why on earth would you skim the content. Making an attempt at a spoiler free review left me with so many more questions. Ultimately a waste of time. Also didn't care for the many references to the old adventure. We get it, it's a remake, move on. Please stay on topic in future reviews. Or don't.

On a positive note, i dig your stile brother, keep it up. I'd even like to see another review on this with more meat on it. Thanks for the video.

Niko Covich says:

you look a bit like a demonic vampire in this video

Eric Upchurch says:

I really like the concept of Doman Dreed… in that the lands were not just Strahd but other Master's of Horror like Lord Soth, etc. As for Curse of Strahd, I felt that it was a rip off of I6 Ravenloft, with very little update in the story line and plot of Strahd as a character. I found the adventure very broken up and hard to follow with resource material which should have been placed in the back of the book! I much prefer my Ravenloft Boxset and the Adventure Book Master of Ravenloft game novel.

james ascione says:

Just bought this and I was looking for some insight, your video was good, having never run a premade module before, Strahd is a daunting one. Lots of information to dissect. Thanks man. + 1 subscriber here

CastelDawn says:

very cool video, subscribed.

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