Ranking All of My Favourite Books!

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This was so hard and just proved I have major commitment issues LOVE THAT FOR ME!!

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*Some of the books shown/mentioned may have been sent to me for review but this in no way influences my ability to provide my true and honest opinion.

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appellemoihuen says:

you should re-read TOG, Hailey! 💜

Janae Lloyd says:

have you read the game of thrones series by George r.r. Martin? The characters in this story are so complex and you fall in love with the characters and the story:) thanks for the recs!

aurelated says:

the book thief has a special place in my heart

Katherine • says:

I love fangirl

Kayleigh Smith says:

I feel so disrespected that she hasnt even finished the series and she has the nerve to put throne of glass at the bottom. so disrespected 😂

Martyna 07 says:

I love this idea of tier ranking books! Looking forward to the other ones 🙂

Tanya Kapoor says:

Book thief is close to my heart.

Shazam! God says:

An Ember in the Ashes is getting better each book. Hoping you'll continue reading the series. You will not regret it. Book 2 is fantastic and book 3 is phenomenal!

Reeve Cunningham says:

I want to try and do this tier ranking thing- what program/website are you using to do the tiers?

Kim Watkins says:

The Book Thief is my all-time fav! As well as Alice in Wonderland! So happy I found your channel!!! 🥰

Camila Jimenez says:

Can you believe that Kierra Cass released a new book?! May 5th! The Betrothed! Omg!

sabisaysread says:

I could have never done that 😂 they'd all ended up in A 🙈

dReads03 says:

I need a little help. I’m almost done finishing the ACOTAR series what should I read next six of crows orrrr red queen or crave? I can’t decide

my repugnance says:

Love this!!! Hailey!!! Your so incredibly beautiful, sweet and quirky ✨✌️💜, please do a ranking characters 😱🌸, love this series 📚

kaypluslee says:

This is helpful for me because I'm so busy I never have time to read so I can have a list of good books for when I have the time. Sometimes things can get overwhelming on book tube because you guys get to read so much

kaypluslee says:

Like the change of background

girlnotgrey84 says:

I read Heartless and I loved it, and this is coming from someone who isn't a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. Yeah, I know the story, I've seen the animated and the non-animated versions, but I've never read the books. I still think it's a great book, I was very intrigued by it and it kept me interested and made me want to continue reading it.

Teresa Rollen says:

I love your tier ranking videos…even when you can't decide where to put the book! LOL

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